Arts History Update for late January 2017

23 Jan

Arts History Update for late January 2017 by David Cummins

Texas Land & Cattle Company steakhouse is closed at 7202 Indiana Avenue on the southwest corner of the Loop 289 frontage road. Rumors, and they are only rumors at this point, no inside information, say that Twisted Spigot Pub & Eatery of San Diego CA will open up at this location and the corporate website confirms this so the rumors are upgraded. Still, you recall all those “HEB Supermarkets are coming to Lubbock” rumors that are now 15-20 years old and yet who in Lubbock has shopped locally at an HEB? Stay tuned …………..


Breaking News: Pacific Pro Football League is set to begin in Summer 2018. It isn’t competing with the NFL National Football League, but is an alternative development pool and training league for the NFL, an alternative to the major college football player track for players who don’t need or want the NCAA college option. It will compensate, train and identify NFL draft picks. Four teams, all based in southern California, each owned by the League and not by independent owners with multiple agendas, will play a four game schedule then playoffs and be done in seven or eight games by late August. All players will be paid equally, several hundred thousand dollars in cash, not tuition, books, residence in a college residence hall, and study guides with mentors hovering not to educate the player but just to keep him football eligible. and

For players who are not drafted or are drafted but don’t make the team, there are two present alternative employment options to play football, the Arena Football League in the United States and the Canadian Football League in Canada.

This was bound to happen as the spread offenses and college football patterns, suitable for college but at best simply counter-productive for NFL professional football, increasingly made the college experience less valid as preparation for professional football. College football players whose graduation rates were poor and who detested the public relations mask they wore as “college students”, repeatedly acted out their frustration with college processes, principles and values. I think this non-college option for compensated training to become a professional football player, is an excellent idea, long overdue.


Those of us who are fascinated by art are hungry to learn more. Essentially we’re getting an MFA Masters Degree in Fine Arts by the do it yourself DIY method without ever enrolling, paying tuition and putting our other lives on hold. Where and how can one do that, as part of our enjoyable lives?

In New York City here are some opportunities:

1. Lecture Series, New York University Institute of Fine Arts that includes a video archive of selected past lectures

2. Bruce High Quality Foundation University BHQFU, essentially a free art school and Foundation University Gallery FUG where events take place

3. Flux Factory, Long Island City in Queens

4. Pratt Institute of Fine Arts Visiting Artists Lecture Series in Clinton Hill district of Brookyln and in Manhattan on West 14th Street

5. Art and Culture Lecture Series and Professional Practice Lecture Series at New York Academy of Art

6. Silent Barn in Bushwick section of Brooklyn

7. Pioneer Works in Red Hook District of Brooklyn

7. Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

8. City University of New York York College in Jamaica section of Queens has two theater spaces and many presentations at Bassin Performing Arts Center

9. Graduate Center, City University of New York most are free events but registrations/reservations are required for accommodation reasons. Videos of past events are here

Of course all museums and some galleries have talks, curator’s or artist’s introduction to current exhibits, etc.

Upcoming on Thursday February 9 at 6:00 pm the Director of the Texas Tech University Museum Gary Morgan Ph.D. will present a free gallery talk on the In the Blood exhibit in Gallery 1. The talk is titled Form and Function of a Dog’s Breakfast [in British idiom a dog’s breakfast is a complete or confounded mess of something, only fit to be fed to dogs].

On Tuesday February 7 Garland Weeks, sculptor, will make a gallery talk on an exhibit of his sculpture at Buddy Holly Center Fine Arts Gallery 1801 Crickets Avenue. The exhibit title is Human/Animal/Allegorical: The Bronze Sculpture of Garland Weeks from December 2, 2016 through February 12 2017. The time on February 7 is in the afternoon 2:00 – 3:30 pm. Free and open to the public.


New York Times Style Magazine dated January 19 has an article by Alina Cohen 10 Places to See Public Art in 2017 and one of those is Aurora Colorado where Blessing Hancock devised a lighted metal art sculpture. At Texas Tech University in front of the West Village Residence Hall is Texas Rising by Blessing Hancock and Joe O’Connell


Christian Conrad lectured on James Ensor 1860-1949 an Ostend Belgium painter at the turn of the 20th century often referred to as an artist’s artist. He was a member of Les Vingt (The Twenty) or Les XX or Society des Vingt (The Society of the Twenty) a Belgian artists group in 1883 – 1893 post-impressionist, symbolist, expressionist styles all new and evolving and upset with the salon qualification system of displaying art that usually rejected their new and not yet fashionable paintings, so they lit out on their own to display their art in independent gallery shows.


On Sunday January 29 the Lubbock Heritage Society will conduct its annual meeting, open to the public not just members of the Society, at Bayer Museum of Agriculture 1121 Canyon Lake Drive just north of East Broadway Street as it passes by Mackenzie Park. A presentation will be made by Pam Brink and Cindy Martin on the Arch Underwood Pullman Car project and docent led tours will be conducted into and through the Car that was recently em-placed on site. The time is 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm no admission fee and refreshments are provided.


There is a life size bronze sculpture of Elmer Kelton, newspaperman and author, in Stephens Central Library, San Angelo Texas. The sculptor is Raul Ruiz This library is relocated from its former location and occupies the space of the former Hemphill-Wells department store in downtown San Angelo. The Friends of the Tom Green County Library System operates its bookstore and a cafe within the public library The location is the corner of West Beauregard Avenue and South Irving Street. Ruiz Studio & Gallery is located at 76 North Chadbourne Street about four blocks north of the Stephens Central Library. Elmer Kelton 1926-2009



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