Arts History Update for early October 2016

1 Oct

Arts History Update for early October 2016 by David Cummins

Opening ceremonies were held on September 10 for Hindu Temple of Lubbock 1400 84th Street Lubbock TX 79423 phone 806-416-0622. The priest in residence is Shri Murali Manohar. Temple leaders include Lakhu Rohra, Piyush Mittal, Mitesh Patel, and Kamlesh Patel.

Also in Lubbock is BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir at 5206 11th Street Lubbock TX 79416 phone 806-544-8357. A mandir is a temple so now Lubbock has two Hindu temples. This temple opened in 2007.

Hinduism is one of the world’s major religions.


Hugh Aldersey-Williams, Tide: The Science and Lore of the Greatest Force on Earth (Viking 2016 in England, W.W. Norton & Co 2016 in America) $18.75 hardcover $14.16 e-book. Tides are the regular rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined gravitational effects of the moon, the sun and the rotation of the earth. That’s a global force but tides are affected by local wind and weather producing eddies, whirlpools, vortices and maelstroms. Accordingly if one purchases a tide table or chart of when the tide will turn, and how high the waves will be, one quickly discovers those predictions are often inaccurate. Since they seem capricious we are soothed by a clock like precision when they return to a 12-1/2 hour cycle. They run for around 6 plus hours in one direction before reversing and running for 6 plus hours in the opposite direction. The tide comes in or goes out. This continuum influenced the early measurements of time by human beings. When measuring religious time the liturgical calendar referred to Shrovetide or Whitsuntide.

There are places where the local wind and weather are eerily observable for producing variations in tidal activity such as eddies, vortices, whirlpools and maelstroms. One can go to the seas off Norway’s Loftoen Islands and pass through whirlpools, or sail through the Doldrums off southwest Africa experiencing the blocking effects of contrasting equatorial trade winds. The sea churns and appears sullen reflecting hidden powers at odds with itself. The mariner is observant, respectful and pushes on to glide through the patch to waters beyond. As in life we want calm, but not too calm. Excessive calm is precursor to a storm.


Those who enjoyed the exhibit March 4 – June 12, 2016 of Rick Dingus photgraphs at Texas Tech Museum Changing Places: The Photgraphic Artifacts of Rick Dingus will be keen to explore the book now published under a similar title as the exhibit
Rick Dingus, Shifting Views and Changing Places: The Photographs of Rick Dingus (University of Oklahoma Press 2016) editor Peter S. Briggs forward by Toby Jurovic and contributions by Shelley Armitage and Lucy R. Lippard.


Lonesome Pine Equestrian Center is located at 2101 Woodrow Road and on September 17-18 a Barrel Racing Clinic was conducted by Lynn and Murray McKenzie $400/participant $35/spectator. For more information contact Jackie Dunlap phone 806-773-9339.

Texas Tech Equestrian Center is at 5712 County Road 1500 [Alcove Avenue at 57th Street] phone 806-792-4682 and is home for the Rodeo Team, Ranch Horse Team, Equestrian Team, Horse Judging Team, and Therapeutic Riding Center as well as public events

To the west of Milwaukee Avenue are two north south avenues, Upland Avenue and farther west Alcove Avenue. South of 50th Street a short ways on Alcove Avenue is the equestrian center.


International Film Series fall schedule at Texas Tech is now published All films are free, usually at English Lecture Hall Room 001 essentially the west basement of the English Philosophy Departments Building but sometimes at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema off Slide Road. At the website are trailers to these movies so you can sample the content before going to the film. A faculty member will both introduce the film before viewing and lead a panel discussion afterward.

September 20 Salt of the Earth (1954)
September 28 Starving the Beast (2016)
October 5 Chi-Raq (2015)
October 7 Under the Shadow (2016)
October 11 Godzilla Resurgence (2016)
October 18 Let the Right One In (2008)
October 25 Caligari: An Exquisite Corpse (2007)
Novermber 2 Monsoon Wedding (2001)
November 15 Killer of Sheep (1978)
November 29 Soldier Blue (1970)
December 7 We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)


Whole Foods Market just settled with United States Environmental Protection Agency and agreed to pay a $3.5 million fine for its failure to document and properly dispose of hazardous waste materials at its stores in region 6 that includes Texas. The items were returned items from customers that the stores then treated improperly. The organic foods retailer has 87,000 employees at 456 stores and is a leader in the industry.


National Museum of African American History and Culture opened on the National Mall in Washington DC on September 24, 2016. It has three floors underground and four floors above ground and is wrapped in glass with a lacy metal scrim the color of dark honey, a contrast to the nearby Washington Monument that is monumental and neo-classical. Artifacts, recurriing sound and video visual images rather than books and paper are the principal media for telling a story of six hundred years of pain and progress.

On the lowest floor are found a whipping post, a fragment of a slave ship that sunk with more than 200 African captives aboard, and a stone auction block. The floors above ground strike a celebratory theme honoring achievements and outstandiing performances.

Hopefully there will be a series of temporary exhibits that will tell a vibrant and truthful story of many varieties of individual and group stories. The museum is among the family of Smithsonian Institution venues.


The Fifth International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art at Chicago’s Navy Pier was September 22-25, 2016 145 galleries representing 53 cities in 22 countries were presenting as exhibitors. Browse here


Want to join a social group that is interested in the same or similar things as you are? started in New York City years ago. There are now at least 39 meetup groups in Lubbock Texas most of which are obvious by the title of the group, some not obvious such as The Baggers Club. Turns out that Harley motorcycle riders who have “bagger style bikes” are a type of rider [slower and calmer] and these people meet up and go motorcycle riding together.

A recently started group are patrons of LHUCA Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts and there are only as of this writing 10 members, and they like to meet up and go to the LHUCA campus and do something together there.


Memo from West Texas Historical Association follows

“Mark your calendars for October 9, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. That’s the day for a program and presentation on the buffalo/bison at the Wichita Brazos Museum and Cultural Center in Benjamin, Texas. An artifact titled The Buffalo donated by the Lowrance Ranch west of Truscott, and mounted by taxidermist Scott Pinkerton of Munday Texas, will be added to the existing Wildlife Exhibit at the Museum.

The speaker for the program is Mr. Donald Beard, State Park Superintendent at Caprock Canyons State Park near Quitaque, Texas. The Texas State Bison Herd was transferred from the department’s Wildlife division to the State Parks division in 2010. Leadership within the department immediately signed on to the restoration plan and from that point the design, development and implementation of bestowing theses indigenous animals to their native habitat has been one of the main focuses of the Caprock Canyons State Park’s staff.
In 1862 Charles Goodnight was leading a detachment of Rangers across an area which is now Knox County, in a raging snow storm in search of a band of Indians. They crossed a strip of land that they called “the Narrows”. It was fairly alive with buffalo. Later in life at the urging of his wife Mary Ann, Goodnight was able to save a few of the buffalo from the canyon country in the Texas Panhandle. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has taken the challenge of protecting the Goodnight Bison Herd.
The presentation on October 9 is a perfect fit for any group interested in the history of the North American Bison, Charles Goodnight, and the history of this area. We hope to see you here for this most interesting program. It will follow a Rhineland sausage dinner that day to be held from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.”
A tip is this: German sausage made by those living close to the Rhine River is famous for its taste and satisfaction. Don’t miss a chance to imbibe [a Marzen style Oktoberfest beer stein will not be far away] and ingest. Benjamin is due east of Lubbock 127 miles on US Highway 62/82 / State Highway 114 door to door in less than 2-1/2 hours to 200 E. Hays Street phone 940-459-2229.
The Brazos River flows east between Benjamin and Knox City to the south and a bridge was built in 1901 across it, and then replaced by a nearby upstream through truss bridge in 1939. This photo was taken in 1938. The highway crossing this bridge is State Highway 6 formal name Texas Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway that extends from the Red River all the way to the Gulf of Mexico near Houston. North of Benjamin it crosses the South Wichita River, then goes to Crowell, then Quanah, and then crosses the Red River to Altus Oklahoma. The 1939 bridge was replaced in 2013 by the “new” bridge, as Knox County residents call it.

There are few bridges in Lubbock, fewer still that are historic. Burlington Northern Santa Fe BNSF Railroad Ash Street Overpass Bridge is a steel stringer railroad bridge over North Ash Street / Old Amarillo Highway, bridge built in 1931 that is still operational today It is south of New Deal Texas, north of Preston Smith Lubbock International Airport, north of County Road 5800 [Utah Street at that point] east of parallel Interstate Highway 27.


International Book Fair for Publishers is at Frankfurt Germany from October 19-23, 2016 The missing physical presence in the hall is and other electronic producers/retailers of books, and they will be the topic of nearly every conversation one way or the other. In 2005 acquired CustomFlix Labs Inc. and BookSurge Inc. and their combined names were changed to CreateSpace in 2007 that is now the world’s largest digital and on-demand publishing and marketing of independent creative content books, films, videos, music etc.

There are start-up wannabe companies like Bookouture, a London England digital publishing and print a paperback on demand company with an office in King’s Cross and ten employees. This company’s first great hits were Silent Scream and The Girl in the Ice, two well-received novels

There are an increasing number of authors who self-publish and that’s now easier than ever before through Book Designer and Book Design Templates and similar companies. Their problem is marketing

The Texas Book Festival is for consumers of books as well as all sort of vendors, marketers and publishers. It’s an annual celebration and festive November 5-6, 2016 at Austin Texas.

Skyviews dining room was renovated this Summer and re-opened on September 19, 2016 with a grand re-opening scheduled for October 3. The new manager of the RHIM student-operated restaurant is Jason Lindley himself a 2006 graduate of the Texas Tech University College of Human Sciences Restaurant Hotel and Institution Management program. The Fall Dinner Series [a themed series with a fixed price menu] extends from Wednesday September 28 once per week through Wednesday November 16 Here are the themes for Fall 2016 and menus are posted on the physical site and the website the week before each dinner
1920s Speakeasy / September 28
1950s Drive-in / October 5
Turn of the (20th) Century Chili Parlor / October 12
1960s Mad Men Dinner Party / October 19
1940s Luau / October 26
Pass the Piece 1970s “Shared” Dinner / November 2
21st Century Tailgate Food Revolution / November 9
Wine & Dine Aboard the Skytanic / November 16

Skyviews is located at 1901 University Avenue [at 19th Street], Suite 600 [sixth floor by elevator] in the Texas Tech Plaza Building. Open for lunch Monday – Friday from 11:00 – 1:00 pm with a $13 buffet and an ala carte menu. Reservations accepted 806-762-4762 or e-mail


Texas Tech University College of Architecture Fall Lecture Series is open to the public. Present lineup is

Charles Waldheim of Harvard University Graduate School of Design speaking at 5:00 pm in the College Gallery Room 101 first floor on October 7 and panel discussion by Jereck Boss, Sinclair Black and Nan Ellin on October 8 time and place to be announced, all within an Urban Community and Design Symposium on those days.

Bryan Cantley Professor of Design Theory California State University at Fullerton speaking at 5:00 pm in the College Gallery on October 20

Mar Loren-Mendez University of Seville in Spain speaking at 4:00 pm in the College Gallery on October 28

Kyna Leski Professor Rhode Island School of Design speaking at 4:00 pm in the College Gallery on November 4

Jesse Reiser Princeton University School of Architecture speaking at 4:00 pm in the College Gallery on November 18

The new dean of the College is Jim Williamson contact his office for more information on events times and locations 806-742-3136

Here is a lineup of Humanities Center lectures beginning October 26 They are open to the public.


University Symphony Orchestra concert titled Young Artists of the Future is Tuesday October 11 at 7:30 pm in Hemmle Recital Hall Texas Tech University School of Music immediately south of Student Union Building on campus. Parking is free in the Band Lot south of the building for evening events sponsored by the School of Music, courtesy of Bill Ballenger director. The concert is a free event public is invited and welcome.


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