Arts History Update for late August 2016

8 Aug

Arts History Update for late August 2016 by David Cummins

America On Tap Authentic Beer Festivals is the manager of craft beer festivals around the country and its inaugural event on the South Plains is titled Hub City On Tap. The location is the Coliseum building at Panhandle South Plains Fairgrounds, 8th Street and Avenue A, Lubbock Texas on Saturday August 27 with two sessions 1:00-4:00 pm in the afternoon and 5:00-8:00 pm in the evening. Each session is $25 per person but only $10 at the door for a non-drinking designated driver person who will have lots of fun with the music, food opportunities, and interactions with vendors of craft beer. Music at the afternoon session is by Ronnie Eaton and the Cold Hard Truth In the evening the music is by Sugarwitch

Here are the food opportunities

Back 40 Grill – Back 40 Grill is where Lubbock comes for great food, drinks, and fun! Join them for exceptional live music, to watch the game and for the best drinks in TX!

Big E’s BB – Dynamize your next meal with the kick of some great barbecue eats from Big E’s Barbeque!

Cheese Chicks – Elevated grilled cheese! Gourmet made from scratch breads and cheeses.

Firehouse Grill – Serving up your favorites with a twist!

Hank’s Bar B Que – You haven’t had BBQ unless you’ve had Hanks!

J and M Bar-B-Q and Catering – With all you can eat offerings every night and daily specials, it’s easy to see why Texans are coming here in droves to get delicious mesquite-smoked BBQ.

La Picosita – Homemade Tacos, Burritos, Nachos and more!

Owens Lunch and Go – Owens Lunch and Go is a concession trailer that offers quick home style meals on the go.

Ya’ Making Me Hungry – Fantastic and delicious Mediterranean infused with BBQ.


Attendees will receive a five ounce glass with which to sample as many as eight different beers in the three hour span of time, about 20 minutes per sample. It’s a take home glass as a souvenir. The choice of which eight to sample will be hard as the promoter says there will be as many as 100 beers from as many as 50 breweries at the festival.

Local sponsors include Market Street Supermarkets and KFMX-FM Radio Station that already says this will be an annual event, an expectation pleasing to aficionados of craft beer.

The largest event of this type in Texas is the annual Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival at Moody Gardens, Galveston Texas this year on September 2-4 a Labor Day destination for many and historically legitimate since some mining companies, shipyards, manufacturing companies, and other employers in the nineteenth century would provide session beer [low alcohol content] for workers to drink before and after their shifts. The Friday night pre-Festival Pub Crawl around the city of Galveston is popular. The buses are chartered and take Festival registrants to various watering holes and bring them back to Moody Gardens Hotel. Experiencing pub culture is itself a taste. List of participating breweries in 2015 is


The Met Breuer is a modern and contemporary art museum at 945 Madison Avenue at E. 75th Street that is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art This is a Marcel Breuer 1902-1981 designed building that opened as an art museum March 18, 2016. pronounced broyer.


Richard Tuttle: Staying Contemporary is his 26th exhibition in New York City by this post-minimalist artist who uses a variety of materials


Heart of Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides of New Braunfels Texas met at a San Marcos Texas Wal-Mart parking lot where fifteen passengers entered and rode in a van to a Fentress Texas airport from which a hot air balloon piloted by Alfred “Skip” Nichols took off at 7:10 am. It came down in a field on fire near Lockhart Texas at 7:44 am Saturday July 30, 2016. The pilot and all passengers perished. The remnants of the canopy were found ¾ mile away from the basket leading investigators to believe that the balloon ran into high voltage power lines that severed the canopy from the basket. More will be learned as the investigation continues. Alfred “Skip” Nichols is the owner of the business and its chief pilot. His last communication with base was during flight at 7:26 am and reported a normal flight. Nichols was age 49, said by a former girlfriend to be a recovering alcoholic. He was released from a Missouri prison in 2012 serving time on driving while under influence and drug distribution charges, and was released earlier from a Missouri prison in 2004 serving time on a drug charge. The canopy vent was open when found, indicating that the pilot was attempting a landing. Questions remain such as, did the fire begin while in flight well above the high voltage power lines that were later struck, or did the fire begin by reason of striking the power lines? Why was the craft so low as to collide with the power lines? Visibility and weather conditions were very good. There is no “black box” on the basket as there is in the cockpit of commercial airliner planes.

Information on victims

A Hot Air Balloon Round Up and Fall Festival is scheduled for September 10-11, 2016 at Buffalo Springs Lake, Lubbock Texas


On December 9, 2016 the National Transportation Safety Board issued its findings that included that the pilot had four drugs in his system that would have prevented a fixed wing or helicopter pilot from having medical certification to fly. In addition the pilot had a history of depression and was taking anti-depressant drugs, something that also would have prevented a fixed wing or helicopter pilot from having medical certification to fly.


Want to support the School of Art at Texas Tech University and have a pretty darn good time? The annual Medici Circle Soup & Champagne Supper is only $50 per person, thirty of which is a contribution to the Medici Circle Fund, and you get to eat all the chef-inspired soup and imbibe all the champagne you desire. The soup is delivered to you in a ceramic cup that you get to keep. The cup was made in the Ceramics Studio at the School of Art. Last year’s menu was

Appetizers at 6:30 PM by Jerred Tochterman


Served with French bread in a handmade ceramic mug

Cajun Gumbo by Denise Bean

Curried Winter Squash by Joe Arredondo

Chicken Kale Soup by Ashleigh Brodbeck

Green Chile Clam Chowder by Joe Arredondo

Desserts by Brianna Burnett

Served with Coffee.

The date is set as Saturday December 3, 2016 at 6:30 pm but don’t know the venue. phone 806-742-3826 The Medici Circle was founded in 2005 and has been instrumental in gaining endowments for programs and scholarships for students. Want to make a reservation, here’s the spot



Look for the Science by the Glass soirees to start up again in Fall semester, an enjoyable relaxed way to interact with Texas Tech faculty who are engaged with the Climate Sciences this past year meeting at Fox & Hound Bar & Grill in Kingsgate North at 82nd Street and Quaker Avenue at 6:00 pm order whatever food and beverages you like, partake in conversation and listen to the presenter on the evening’s topic.



Heart of Texas Art: Invitee Weekend is hosted by Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, Canyon, Texas August 26-28, 2016 Here are the activities Friday, August 26th, Donor reception, 5:30pm
Saturday, August 27th, Public Brunch, 10 am – noon
Sunday, August 28th, Walking Tours, 10am


Museum curator of art Michael R. Grauer has written a new biography of Frank Reaugh titled Rounded Up in Glory: Frank Reaugh, Texas Renaissance Man (University of North Texas Press 2016) 480 pages $27 hardcover.




An exhibit April 29-October 30, 2016 at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe New Mexico is titled Georgia O’Keeffe’s Far Wide Texas. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum brings together the watercolors created by the artist during the years she lived in Canyon, Texas (1916-1918). This is a period of radical innovation and the moment when O’Keeffe’s commitment to abstraction is firmly established… While she was at West Texas State Normal College (now West Texas A & M University) she taught his curriculum, which became her life-long practice.

Twenty-eight of the 51 watercolors O’Keeffe created while living in Canyon, Texas will be on view… A gorgeous catalogue will accompany the exhibition of O’Keeffe’s Texas paintings… An essay by Amy Von Lintel, professor of art history at West Texas A & M University, will accompany the images. She has studied the original documents from O’Keeffe’s Texas years including her letters to Alfred Stieglitz as well as University documents to shed new critical light on this productive period of O’Keeffe’s life.
[from the Georgia O’Keefe Museum website]




Other exhibits are:




1705 W. Missouri Ave.
Midland, TX 79701

July 8, 2016 – September 18, 2016

The renowned Southwestern painter Woody Gwyn was born in San Antonio and raised in Midland. His work can be found in private collections all over town, and in museums throughout the Southwest. Gwyn’s realistic landscape paintings often play with ranges of scale, from tiny to huge. The artist lives and works in Galisteo, New Mexico, and has not had an exhibition at the Museum of the Southwest in over a decade. This exhibition features rarely seen works from the Museum’s permanent collection as well as several local collectors.

[from MSW website]

One Arts Festival Plaza
El Paso, TX 79901

July 24, 2016 – June 11, 2017

In 1998 the El Paso Museum of Art inaugurated the Tom Lea gallery devoted to the work of Tom Lea and other artists of this region from the nineteenth century to the present. Born in El Paso in 1907, Tom Lea was one of the Southwest’s most prolific and respected American scene artists. Today he is well known for his work as muralist, illustrator, war correspondent, portraitist, landscapist, novelist, and historian.  As a portraitist Tom Lea enjoyed capturing the portrait likenesses of those close to him.

Taking inspiration from Tom Lea’s celebrated portrait of his wife Sarah, this upcoming exhibition focuses on the special and intimate connections found between artists and models.  The majority of the women represented in the artworks had a personal association with the artists, whether they were relatives, close friends, or acquaintances. A handful of the portrayals are by female painters, including a watercolor self-portrait of Wanda de Turczynowicz Hermann (illustrated above) in which she shows herself accompanied by the tools of her craft: pigments, brush, palette, and palette knife. Some of the artists included in the exhibition are Tom Lea, Manuel Acosta, Fremont Ellis, Peter Hurd, Helen Mithoff, and Leola Freeman. Female Portraits: A Connection between Artists and Models explores how women are depicted in portraits created by someone who knew them personally. It also highlights how each work was executed with a close attention to detail in order to capture the dignity, humble character, or beauty of each subject. The portraits present in this exhibition not only describe an individual but also evoke the artist’s sentiments and embody Lea’s words on painting portraits: “It gives me a good feeling about my relationship to [a person] when I put down what I feel about him [or her].”

[from EPMA website]

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

One Love Street

San Angelo, TX 76903


The Art of Frank Reaugh, A Texas Master

September 15 – November 27, 2016


This exhibition will feature a hallmark selection of pastel landscapes from the collection of the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum.

[from the SAMFA website]



Texans for the Arts Advocacy Day at the Texas State Capitol in Austin with the Legislature in session is February 9, 2017. Plan ahead if you want to be part of a team that lobbies the legislature to be aware and sympathetic to all legislation that has anything to do with the arts. Here’s the schedule for the last Arts Advocacy Day in 2015 so you can see what happens on that day.


Karen Wiley, former Executive Director of LHUCA Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts in Lubbock Texas, is now president of The Arts Council of Fort Worth


Former Link Ministries Tent City for Homeless, and later High Cotton Genesis Program, is now Paul’s Project – Grace Campus at 1301 Avenue A [south of East Broadway Street east side of Avenue A] Lubbock where there are forty-eight canvas tents in which homeless individuals live. Employees of Lowe’s Home Improvement and volunteers of Paul’s Project are building tiny wood houses ten feet by ten feet at the location to replace tents that desperately need repair or replacement more information phone 806-544-3365.


Black Lives Matter in Lubbock Texas will hold a rally at the Tim Cole Memorial city pocket park at 19th Street and University Avenue, Tuesday August 30 from 5:30-7:30 pm. The plan is for this to be a peaceful assembly and expression of compassion and concern. City police will participate to help insure that outcome.


The Hills section of Governors Island in New York City harbor opened to the public on July 19, 2016 The design architect is West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture, a Rotterdam, The Netherlands firm. The island is 172 acres and that is broken down into developable spaces, public spaces and park spaces the latter of which are now open and are unique experiences for people. Remember, there is no subway or bridge just a ferry boat or similar boat for access to it. It’s a short ride one-half mile to Battery Maritime Building 10 South Street ferry pier in Manhattan and one-quarter mile to the Brooklyn docks and Pier 6. Up to now it’s only been open in a 60 day season in the Summer but that is changing. A residential complex is going in, a public school is opening, and historic military structures are being renovated and re-purposed.

Back in 2004 it was just a closed military post with some associated uses still in operation. It was literally open to the public only one day per year. The federal government sold it to the City of New York and New York State with some restrictions, basically you can’t make it into a gambling casino or super-sized hotel. The Governors Island Trust from 2006 operates the island and its strategic plan is gradually being implemented led by Leslie Koch CEO and President of the Trust. She is featured in a dozen videos on You Tube.

Kevin C. Fitzpatrick, Governors Island Explorer’s Guide: Adventure and History in New York Harbor (Globe Pequot Press February 15, 2016) paperback $9.21 [8 maps, 100 photographs, 5 self-guided tours]



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