Arts History Update for late October 2015

20 Oct

Arts History Update for late October 2015 by David Cummins

Art on the Llano is a local art initiative that was formed in Lubbock, Texas. With the assistance of local community leaders and other organizations, the goal of Art on the Llano is to promote public art throughout the South Plains.

  • The Art on the Llano public art project came about when the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) donated seven concrete pads to display the public art. From there, a group of local artists and community members formed the Art on the Llano Committee with the united goal of highlighting Lubbock’s thriving art scene to the general public.

    The sculptures included in the Art on the Llano public art project are on loan from the artists and will be on display for a two-year period. The Art on the Llano Committee will then choose new sculptures to be installed and displayed at the original sites and possibly new sites as the project evolves.

    The Art on the Llano project has already installed seven sculptures.

    The public art project is currently being funded through a two-year grant and transportation costs have been underwritten by LHUCA and Studio West. Businesses or individuals interested in making a donation to ensure the projects continued success should call 806.762.8606.

  • General Information

The most recent installations are Purple Bull by Jeffie Brewer at Avenue L and Marsha Sharp Freeway, and Sky Drill by Brent Baggett. Texas Landscape by Eric McGehearty has been removed to an interior location in the National Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech University.

Here are the requirements for getting a piece chosen and installed

The phrase Art on the Llano Estacado will get you a list of fine art pieces on the Internet


There are four recycling centers in Lubbock but none of them recycle. They are collection centers for recyclable materials and lightly process the recyclable materials, usually just compacting or baling the unsorted materials into transportable units headed to DFW San Antonio or Houston. At those larger cities there are centers with sophisticated sorting machinery, grinders, cutters, mashers, etc. that yield ingots [compressed units] of like materials that paper mills, plastics companies, metals companies, etc. will purchase and actually recycle into an ingredient for a product.

The four recycling centers in Lubbock are Jarvis Metals Recycling, 7825 Olive Avenue Lubbock TX 79404 [north of East Slaton Highway south of Southeast Drive], Effortless Recycling, 721 Erskine Street, Lubbock TX 79403 [east of I-27 off an overpass of I-27], American Fibers Co, 2002 Weber Drive, Lubbock TX 79404 [east of Avenue A and east of railroad tracks at about 20th Street before dropping down into where Mackenzie Park runs into Mae Simmons Community Center], and Texas Tech University Recycling Center in parking lot south of Housing Services Building on un-named road [go to Main Street east of Indiana Avenue and west of Flint Avenue where Student Recreation Center is to the southeast, power plant is to the northeast, arboretum is to the northwest, take road north to an overlook into Marsha Sharp Freeway and then east to Housing Services and into the parking lot where recyclable materials containers are visible].

There are four recycling drop-off centers for recyclable materials operated by the City of Lubbock and bins at United Supermarkets grocery stores at Frankford Avenue & 82nd Street and Indiana Avenue & 50th Street that are picked up by the City and taken to one or another of those four drop-off centers; in the northwest part of the city at 4307 Adrian Street north of Clovis Highway east of North Quaker Avenue, in the south at 1631 84th Street west of Avenue P, in the southwest at 7308 Milwaukee Avenue south of Spur 327, and centrally at 208 Municipal Drive east of I-27, traveling north Buddy Holly Avenue becomes Municipal Drive north of 1st Street. It is free for citizens or companies to drop off trash or waste at these sites but one may have to sign one’s name and address so as to establish residency within the city and therefore entitlement to drop off trash. From the City drop-off centers the materials are either sent to one of the two sanitary landfills or to Jarvis Metals Recycling. The two sanitary land fills are in Blackwater Draw at Caliche Canyon Landfill 8425 North Avenue P, Lubbock TX [west of Preston Smith Lubbock International Airport] or farther north at West Texas Regional Disposal Facility at 17304 North Farm to Market Road # 2528, Abernathy TX.

Effortless Recycling charges its customers $30 plus tax per month to make bi-weekly pickups on the residence curb of sacked unsorted dry trash that contains no food waste or garbage that should go in alley dumpsters. The City of Lubbock decided not to make regular pickup of recyclable materials a universal service in the city as it believes the totality of residents do not value recycling enough to allow an additional service charge on their monthly water and power bills.


14th Annual CASETA Symposium and Texas Art Fair is at Hilton Anatole Dallas at 2201 North Stemmons Freeway May 13-15, 2016 CASETA is Center for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art.



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