Arts History Update for even later February 2015

15 Feb

Arts History Update for even later February 2015 by David Cummins

More than halfway through the Big XII Conference basketball season Texas Tech women’s team is 5-8 tied for 6th place with Texas, Kansas State and West Virginia while Kansas has the cellar spot at 4-9. Texas Tech’s men’s team is 2-11 holding down the cellar position behind ninth place Texas Christian at 2-10. Texas Tech has a February 17 game versus # 16 Baylor at 6:00 pm TV-ESPN2, February 21 against # 17 Oklahoma, February 25 versus Texas Christian, February 28 against # 21 Oklahoma State and finally March 6 against # 16 Baylor.

It looks like an interesting but losing season for both programs. The coaching is strong so we expect to see positives that form a building platform for improved teams later in the season and next year.


Rev. Libby Lane became the first Anglican female bishop, the eighth Bishop of Stockport, on Monday January 26, 2015 consecrated by the 97th Archbishop of York, Metropolitan of the Province of York and Primate of England, Most Rev. John Sentamu and attending bishops who gathered around her. She was one of the first women in England ordained to the priesthood and is married to a priest. She is suffragan bishop in the Diocese of Chester in the Province of York, England. The title Stockport takes its name from the town of Stockport in Greater Manchester. She will speak ex cathedra from the Chester Cathedral

Her first pronouncement was on the subject of human trafficking “an evil” at the launch of Manchester Airport’s Travel Safe Week on Monday February 9, 2015. Her husband is chaplain at the Airport.

The other Primate in England is the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of England, Most Rev. and Right Honorable Justin Welby

The Primate in America of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America is the 26th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Most Rev. Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori The American church began ordaining women in 1976 and never imposed a limitation on their reaching the episcopate as was done in England. Thus, there are two dozen female bishops in America and in 2006 Bishop Schori was elected by the House of Bishops confirmed by the House of Deputies as Presiding Bishop or first among equals to guide the Episcopal Church.

The Bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas headquartered at Lubbock Texas is Rt. Rev. J. Scott Mayer You can bet he sent Rt. Rev. Libby Lane a note of congratulations.

Presiding Bishop Schori’s duties sometimes force her to manage errant priests and even bishops, as in the case of Rt. Rev. Heather E. Cook, Bishop Suffragan of Maryland consecrated only last September 2014 who has a problem with alcohol and was arrested for DWI and Manslaughter resulting from her car colliding with and killing a bicyclist

Michael Heizer is a large scale and earthen works sculptural artist who lives in the Nevada desert near Hico and has been working 40 years on a project he calls City Complex (1972-present) that is not yet finished and not open to the public during construction. It is massive and a city in the sense of the pre-Columbian societies including the Mississippian mound builders in North America It is approximately ¼ mile long and is a series of earthen works on land owned and controlled by Heizer.

Adjacent, Against, Upon (1976) by Heizer is in Seattle’s Myrtle Edwards Park on the Elliott Bay shoreline north of Pier 70. There are three concrete plinths one five sided, one four sided and one three sided. Three granite boulders quarried in the Cascade Mountains were barged and transported by train to the site. One boulder lays adjacent to a plinth, one resting against a plinth, and one resting on top of a plinth.

Heizer told a quarry site operation in remote desert Riverside County California that if it dislodged a large granite boulder, to let him know. It did and he arranged financing to purchase it. Then he arranged for Los Angeles County Museum of Art to repurchase it, transport it on highways 105 miles to the downtown LACMA location, and that was done in 2012. Here is Levitated Mass (2012) at LACMA a 340 ton granite boulder situated within a strong concrete steel reinforced depressed tunnel. A reader of these updates provided me with the opportunity to view a DVD Levitated Mass: The Story of Michael Heizer’s Monolithic Sculpture (2014) purchased from Netflix, one hour 29 minutes documentary film. The acquisition, transportation, and placement of the boulder taken together is an art installation of great magnitude and engineering capacity. It is an event within the field of art history and 21st century art in America.

Heizer did a previous piece of carved and incised granite titled Levitated Mass (1982) that is on the street in New York City at 590 Madison Avenue at 56th Street in front of the IBM Headquarters Building. The stone rests in a pool of onrushing water and is 11 tons rather than the 340 ton piece in Los Angeles

He came to the attention of the art world with Double Negative (1969-1970) in the Nevada Desert near Overton Nevada demonstrating the power of negative space within an expansive space of land mass.

Effigy Tumuli (1983-1985) is in Buffalo Rock State Park near Ottawa Illinois astride the Illinois River. Carved into the earth are effigies of five animals referenced to the ancient mound builder civilization, viz., a water strider, a turtle, a catfish, a frog, and a snake

This Equals That (1980) geometric forms west of the capitol in Lansing Michigan for 22 years but now disassembled and trashed

North East South West # 1 (1967-2002) for Dia Art Foundation at 3 Beekman Street in Beacon New York on the east side of the Hudson River north of New York City and south of Poughkeepsie. is geometic forms in steel depressed into a floor on the second floor of a building, here again visually producing negative space. The viewer strides out on the floor and looks down into the negative space shapes, and many people experience a displacement of reality and foundational support, and they cling to the window wall rather than be engulfed by the negative space. It is a hugely successful installation.

North East South West # 2 (1981) in the courtyard of the 444 South Flower Street Building in downtown Los Angeles, upstanding geometric spheres in burnished sheet stainless steel demonstrating the positive space antithesis.

Isolated Mass / Circumflex # 1 (1968) at Massacre Dry Lake near Vyo Nevada is now no longer visible, but Isolated Mass / Circumflex # 2 is at Menil Collection art museum in Houston Texas


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