Arts History Update for very early November 2013

30 Oct

Arts History Update for very early November 2013 by David Cummins


Texas Tech University has an administrative office titled Division of Institutional Diversity Equity and Community Engagement, within which is the Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center CCAAC that started a program titled Open Teaching Concept 2013: Teaching Diversity Across the Curriculum. Here is the lineup of speakers and other events to which students faculty and a few members of the public are invited at no cost. Advance notice of more than a few days didn’t happen this year so most events may already have occurred, but you need to know what’s happening and look for it to come around again in the future. Last event this semester is scheduled for November 1.


Other activities of the Center earlier this year were:

Asian Cultures and Societies seminar April 16, 2013,

Holi: The Festival of Colors March 30, 2013,

Cubanismo Hour with Nachito Herrera, Latin jazz pianist March 1, 2013, and Lunar New Year: Year of the Snake February 7, 13, 15 and 20, 2013.


For information e-mail or telephone 806-742-8681 the physical address is 101 Doak Hall if you want to drop in has several videos about the Open Teaching Concept and Twitter has some videos and comments and of course Facebook and Instagram has videos and photos


See a free movie and listen to an intelligent panel discussion afterward, probably inviting you to add your impressions?

Million Dollar Baby (2004) director Clint Eastwood starring Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood will be screened, light refreshments available, after which panelists Dr. John Barkdull, Dr. Francesca di Poppa, and Dr. Tommie Farrell will discuss the implications of the script cinematography and performance. Location is Escondido Theatre in the basement of the Student Union Building SUB at Texas Tech on Wednesday November 9 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

Ethics Center


Mark your calendar. TEDxTexasTechUniversity a licensed local subsidiary of TED will hold an inaugural event 8:00 am – 5:00 pm February 8, 2014 at Lanier Professional Development Center, School of Law on campus at which presenters will make a short presentation of new research, ideas being formulated for implementation, innovation, patents, and other dynamic happenings around campus. This event is about the cutting edge on the campus of a major research institution. Come and be amazed and impressed. $50 admission $25 for students.


In pretty straightforward language here’s a website Everything you need to know about Obamacare Motley Fool is an investor’s advisory service.


James Turrell: A Retrospective is a current exhibit at Los Angeles County Museum of Art May 26, 2013 – April 6, 2014

James Turrell is a recently concluded exhibit at Guggenheim Museum in New York City June 21 – September 25, 2013. It included Aten Reign (2013) in the lobby-rotunda where the ceiling was bathed in mutation colors. 5,621 visitors per day was the average visitaiton, making a new record of attendance at the Guggenheim, with lines out the door and down the street most days. It also included Iltar (1976) a tungsten light installation.

James Turrell: The Light Inside is another recently concluded exhibit June 9 – September 22, 2013 at Museum of Fine Arts Houston

The Color Inside (2013) by James Turrell is a new commissioned permanent installation on the campus of University of Texas at Austin. It is a skyspace meditation and contemplation room in the new Student Activity Center. The room can seat 25 people who look up at a white cocoon roof oculus that is most spectacular as the light transitions at sunset and sunrise. Turrell programmed a computer-controlled LED light sequence recreation to make the experience stunning at any time of day or night. One can make reservations for experiencing the skyspace

Turrell is probably best known for his Roden Crater Project (1979 – ongoing)

that began when Dia Art Foundation purchased an inactive volcano site in Arizona northeast of Flagstaff.

Sooner than Later, Roden Crater is an exhibit May 25 – July 20, 2013 at Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery in Los Angeles

Roden Crater and Autonomous Structures is an exhibit March 14 – April 20, 2013 at PACE Gallery New York City

James Turrell: The Other Horizon (MAK Center for Architecture 2001) is a catalog for an exhibition Texas Tech Architecture Library N6557 T78 A4


Second annual West Texas Folk Music Festival will be held at Uncle Bill’s Music Barn south of Lubbock at 15002 Louisville Avenue Lubbock TX 79423-6341 Thursday Friday and again on Saturday evening November 7, 8 and 9 with a different set performance group each night. Tickets are $10 each evening $5 for students with identification, available in advance at Ralph’s Records CDs DVDs 3322 82nd Street or through the website or at the door. Barn opens at 5:30 informal music is performed beginning at 6:00 pm and the set performance groups from 7:00 – 10:00 pm. Each evening features a different group of performers. Host for Thursday is Mark Wallney, for Friday Curtis Peoples, and for Saturday Jenni Dale Lord. More information by e-mail at

If the location of the Music Barn is unfamiliar, travel south on Indiana Avenue and continue when signage says it is County Road 2040 all the way to 146th Street [County Road 7500] and turn west on 146th Street for a couple of blocks to Louisville Avenue and turn south on Louisville to 150th Street and the Music Barn parking lot. When there, consider the grounds, pondbuilding and catering kitchen as a venue to rent for future events. Speak to Van and Leslie Shaw about that.


Federal District Court in Austin Judge Lee Yeakel ruled that legislature’s restrictions shutting down abortion clinics is unconstitutional and cannot go into effect on the legislation’s stated start up date October 29, 2013. State attorney general will appeal to Fifth Circuit United States Court of Appeals. Much of the time and effort of the 2013 Texas legislature was spent on this issue.


On Veteran’s Day November 11, 2013 on the Texas Tech University campus and at other campuses there will be a reading of the names of Texans who lost their lives on military duty in Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan OEF and Operation Iraqi Freedom OIF, later Operation New Dawn Iraq. The reading will occur at Memorial Circle north of the Administration Building 12:30 – 2:00 pm


Diwali, India’s Festival of Lights is November 2 – 6, 2013 and will be celebrated at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Thursday November 7 at 11:00 – 1:00 pm with traditional Indian food served at noon in the Academic Classroom Building ACB lobby on 4th Street. Everyone is welcome to see costumes, dances, and sample the food.

The holiday season is nearing, often in sync with seasonal equinoxes. Looking ahead …………..

The Dongzhi Festival is Saturday December 21, a Chinese festival marking the winter solstice, with a soup dish Tangyaun, brightly colored balls made with rice flour in a clear mi-so.

Yalda is also December 21, a Persian winter solstice celebration. Once thought to be the date of the birth of Mithra the sun god, it has become more of a cultural and social occasion.

Saturnalia from December 17 -23 honored Saturn, god of agriculture in classical Roman tradition. It became a festival during which class distinctions were blurred and togas were cast aside in favor of more colorful and merry clothing. A very popular holiday period.

Modraniht [Night of the Mothers] on December 24 was a pagan Germanic Anglo-Saxon event about which not much is known except female deities were always involved in some way. Bede in 8th century England wrote about this event.

Kwanzaa December 26 – January 1 is an African American celebration focused on seven principles: Unity, Self-determination, Collective work and responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith.

Sol Invictus sun god in later Roman early medieval times was celebrated Festival of the Birth of the Unconquered Sun December 25.

Christmas December 25 for Christians

Hanukkah November 27 – December 4 is an eight day re-dedication of the Jewish temple after a successful revolt against Seleucid conquerors. Dates change under the Hebrew calendar.

Pancha Ganapati, December 21-25 Hindu festival celebrating Lord Ganesh focused on mending past mistakes and taking a chance for a new beginning. Children are often given gifts .

Koleda December 21-30 is a Slavic pagan festival beginning on the winter solstice during which personal gods were revered and children would don costumes and visit homes in the village receiving gifts.

Yule Festivals in pagan Germanic tradition were later absorbed into Christmas traditions but the earlier Yule Log, tree, sacrifice and the feast of the Yule boar, and caroling were previous traditions.

Boxing Day December 26 was traditionally the day on which servants, employees and tradesmen would receive gifts from their employers in British tradition.

Bodhi Day December 8 is the day that Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha, achieved enlightenment. Meditation, chanting and acts of kindness are appropriate on this day.

Soyal December 21 -30 is celebrated on the days of the new year following the solstice by Hopi and Zuni Pueblo people. Adults often dress as kachinas and dance, offering gifts to children.

Hogmanay December 31 – January 1 is a Scottish new year celebration lasting through the night and into the morning. The custom is “first-footing” to a friend’s door shortly after midnight and offering a gift to the homeowner. Often they sing Auld Lang Syne.


National Bison Day is Saturday November 2, 2013 and is being celebrated locally at Caprock Canyons State Park &  Trailway north of Quitaque Texas, home to the Texas State Bison Herd. The program is 4:00 – 8:00 pm with viewing of the bison in their pastures during daylight and then a slide-show presentation at 7:15 pm as sunset comes on. There is a project afoot to make the bison the national mammal of the United States, led by the Colorado governor, Chief Earl Old Person of the Blackfeet Nation, and Ted Roosevelt V, great-great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt

Entrance fees to the state park and other information is here It is ninety miles from Lubbock about 1 hour 45 minute drive.



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