Arts History Update for very late October 2013

23 Oct

Arts History Update for very late October 2013 by David Cummins



Major League Baseball: the Post-Season ………. American League Boston (east) Detroit (central) Oakland (west). Cleveland and Tampa Bay compete October 2 to establish the fourth team which plays Boston in best of five games playoffs. Tampa Bay won 4-0

Boston v. Tampa Bay [3-1] Boston won 12-2 and 7-4 at Fenway, site moves to Tampa Bay’s Tropicana Field where Rays won 5-4 but Red Sox finish 3-1 to win playoffs

Oakland v. Detroit [2-3] Detroit won 3-2 at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. In second game Justin Verlander pitched scoreless for seven innings and Sonny Gray for eight but neither won or lost. Oakland scored in the bottom of the ninth and won 1-0. Site moves to Detroit Comerica Park. Oakland won 6-3 then Tigers won 8-6 and we move back to Oakland Alameda County Coliseum for the final game Thursday October 10 where Verlander’s pitching dominated and Detroit won 3-0

American League Pennant Series Boston v. Detroit [42] at Fenway Saturday October 12 TV-FOX 34 at 7:00 pm

(All times Eastern.)

Game 1: Detroit @ Boston — Saturday, October 12, 8 p.m. Detroit won 1-0 Game 2: Detroit @ Boston — Sunday, October 13, 8 p.m. Boston won 6-5 Game 3: Boston @ Detroit — Tuesday, October 15, 4 p.m. Boston won 1-0 Game 4: Boston @ Detroit — Wednesday, October 16, 8 p.m. Detroit won 7-3 Game 5*: Boston @ Detroit — Thursday, October 17, 8 p.m. Boston won 4-3 Game 6*: Detroit @ Boston — Saturday, October 19, 4:30 p.m. Boston won 5-2 Game 7*: Detroit @ Boston — Sunday, October 20, 8 p.m.

On Tuesday Verlander gave up only 4 hits in 8 innings but lost 1-0 to Boston whose Lackey gave up 4 hits in 6 innings and relievers gave up only 2 more hits. In game six in the bottom of the seventh inning Bosox scored 4 runs on a grand slam homer to take the lead 5-2 and held on to win the pennant.

National League Atlanta (east) St Louis (central) Los Angeles Dodgers (west) Pittsburgh def Cincinnati to become the fourth team in playoffs

St Louis v. Pittsburgh [3-2]: Cards won 9-1 in Busch Stadium, Pittsburgh won 7-1, site moves to Pittsburgh PNC Park on the banks of the Allegheny River

, Pirates won 5-3 then St Louis won 2-1, site returns to St Louis for final game Wednesday October 9 Cards won 6-1

Atlanta v. Los Angeles Dodgers [1-3]: Dodgers won 6-1 at Turner Field, Atlanta won 4-3, site moves to Los Angeles. Dodgers won 13-6 Dodgers won again 4-3 to win playoffs

National League Pennant Los Angeles Dodgers v. St Louis Cardinals [2-4] begins Friday October 11 at Busch Stadium best of seven games. Dodgers Zack Greinke pitched 8 innings and Cards Joe Kelly pitched six but score was tied 2-2 and is now in the 13th inning. Dodgers have used four relievers and Cards six relievers. Carlos Beltran doubled driving in a run to win 3-2 in bottom of 13th inning. Second game TV-TBS ch 112 at 3:00 pm Saturday Cards won 1-0. Third game at Dodger Stadium was another well-pitched game Dodgers winning 3-0. Fourth game Cards struck back wining 4-2. Wednesday October 16 at 2:30 pm St Louis v. Los Angeles TV-TBS 112 game five Dodgers hit homers and win 6-4. Game Six is in St Louis on Friday October 18 7:30 pm TV-TBS ch 112. The rookie Wacha pitched strong for the Cardinals and their bats took out the Dodger ace winning 9-0.

MLB baseball isn’t over, NFL football is mid-season, NHL hockey season began, and yes NBA basketball pre-season is upon us. Greed trumps the seasons on our calendar and our historic thought – everything in its season, and a separate season for everything. The substitutional effect doesn’t operate anymore: when baseball is over we substitute football for it, and when football is over, we substitute basketball for it, etc. Either pick your sport or multi-task and follow multiple sports.

World Series St Louis Cardinals v. Boston Red Sox TV-FOX channel 34



Wednesday, Oct. 23: In Boston, 7:07 p.m.

Thursday. Oct. 24: In Boston, 7:07 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 26: In St. Louis, 7:07 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 27: In St. Louis, 7:15 p.m.

x-Monday, Oct. 28: In St. Louis, 7:07 p.m.

x-Wednesday, Oct. 30: In Boston, 7:07 p.m.

x-Thursday, Oct. 31:  In Boston, 7:07 p.m.


In November each year art aficionados enjoy themselves to excess at Local Color Artist Studio tour, this year the 17th annual tour and look closely to discover new and old locations. The concept is unbeatable. Not only do attendees get to enter the actual location or studio where ten artists perform their magic, but there are an additional five or six artists at that location showing their work. Yes, it’s true, you can meet and discuss the art of fifty Lubbock area artists with several of their best pieces on display. Even if some lucky soul beat you to the bonanza and purchased a displayed piece, the rules are that it stays on display through closing at six pm Sunday so we all get to see the complete exhibition whenever we show up. Saturday November 9 from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm or Sunday November 10 noon – 6:00 pm.

Each one of the artists has a story; e.g. David Leake and here is his website Allin Budek is ninety years of age and has stories about her earlier life in Europe as it convulsed in war and desolation in early and mid-twentieth century. Take this opportunity to get to know several of the people who make the South Plains such a special place.

Lane Anderson is a fine art photographer Here is one of his web sites and another website at which you can find Sunrise for Heroes, a gorgeous photograph of Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial (2003) a project of Lubbock’s American Legion Post # 575 designed by architect Jimmy Dirks of Cox-Dirks Architects. Location is 82nd Street and Nashville Avenue in Henry Huneke Park.  Anderson will exhibit and be present at Sara Peso White’s studio at 4411 18th Street for the Local Color Studio Tour.


Veterans Day is November 11, 2013. The Brass Quintet ensemble within the US Marine Corps Band at San Diego will play Hemmle Recital Hall 18th Street and Boston Avenue on the Texas Tech campus on Monday November 4 at 8:00 pm, a free concert. The Matador Singers male choral group presents a Veterans Day Concert Monday November 11 at 8:00 pm at Hemmle Recital Hall, also a free concert.

Silent Wings Museum, west side of Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, waives admission price on Veterans Day and there are special events, not yet announced for this year, but last year’s events are described here

USAF Colonel Mike Mullane, Astronaut, will speak on November 21 at 7:00 pm at Lanier Auditorium, School of Law on campus. Free event including reception afterward. His personal website is

Texas Tech Museum Sculpture Court has a traveling exhibit October 25 through November 14 that is a tribute to the Texans who served and died in the Vietnam War. The Capitol Monument sculpture  by Duke Sundt will be dedicated at the Capitol on March 29, 2014. here is a photo of the sculpture


National Book Award finalists are announced and the winners will be announced at a dinner November 20 Both the short [five] and long [ten] lists contain high quality books in four fields: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry and Young People’s Literature.

Man Booker Prize in England went to 28 year old Eleanor Catton for The Luminaries. Catton hails from New Zealand.

Random House and Penguin have merged although you wouldn’t know that by accessing their websites that haven’t been merged. Two major publishing houses with long histories are involved. If the industry continues to benefit from their operating as if they were separate companies, both the bottom line and publishing may be better. The new name is Penguin Random House and will control more than 25% of global trade book publishing with 10,000 employees and $3.9 billion annual gross revenue. It contains 250 “independent” [but not really] publishing imprints and . A spokesman said the company is all about helping consumers discover quality books for purchase in a world with fewer bookstores [and he could have said progressively fewer and fewer bookstores whether they be chains like Borders and Barnes & Noble or independents like Powells Book Store]. Translation: Penguin Random House wants to construct a technological connection with many more millions of readers. At the same time look for the giant publisher to trim its physical profile by consolidating its printing functions, storage of physical books functions, and  distribution functions. It may increase its physical bank of computer servers at some place on the planet. Behind the smoke and mirrors one realizes that Penguin Random House wants to gain leverage in its relationship with but that defensive reason for the merger is a chimera. It will only meet its goals when it doesn’t care how prices the books it sells. That can’t happen unless Penguin Random House jetisons the old “list retail price” system for its books and creates value for purchasing through Penguin Random House such as exclusive access to materials for book reading clubs that include author insights, and other such features that aren’t available to a commercial retailer like

Please don’t think these two publishers were previously independent. Penguin was owned by a British company Pearson PLC that now owns 47% of Penguin Random House. Random House was owned by a German company Bertelsmann that now owns 53% of Penguin Random House.

Jason Hardink is the guest pianist for Lubbock Symphony Orchestra concerts October 25-26, 2013 at Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Theatre. He will play Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. He is principal pianist for the Utah Symphony and is a chamber and ensemble player at many venues.


Thursday November 14, 2013 at 7:00 pm is Readings by Authors at First Unitarian Universalist Church 2801 42nd Street Lubbock. The authors are Richard Jespers, Barbara Brannon, Michelle Kraft and Marilyn Westfall. Refreshments afterward. Everyone is welcome. Free event.


The federal government shutdown and debt ceiling cap melted away for now, deferred to January 2014, and U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz’s “dream” of keeping poor people from seeing a doctor, “must never die”, he said. This kind of logic by people who hold levers of power, is frightening if one allows fright into one’s life. Please don’t. It’s just mis-adventure by politicians.


Robert Coover is a master of the fabulist short story. Here’s Going for a Beer, The New Yorker Magazine, March 14, 2011 and The Colonel’s Daughter, The New Yorker Magazine, September 2, 2013 No one misses the concept that he is commenting on current events in world news and the paradoxes they provide when life is seen or experienced in microcasm rather than macrocasm.

A novella at 192 pages is Robert Coover, Noir (Overlook Press 2010) Texas Tech Library PS3553.O633 N65 or for purchase at ABE Books good condition $3.48 incl s&h fabulism can involve an unreliable narrator stating things as happening that actually didn’t happen, so part of the read is a fable and the reader must sort the actual from the improbable and fanciful.


Overzealous former Kansas Attorney General and former prosecuting attorney of Johnson County Phillip D. Kline received an indefinite suspension of his license to practice law for his repeated violations of law and rules of ethical conduct when trying to shut down abortion provider entities like Planned Parenthood and physicians who assisted them.–finance.html Instead of being an independent and impartial servant of the law he went on a political mission and swept aside the rules and limitations of the law in his wake. Anyone who has political power takes an oath to abide by the law. It is good that the Kansas state bar and now finally the Kansas Supreme Court have insisted on law-abiding by the elected and powerful.


The City of Arlington just opened Southwest Nature Preserve a 58 acre plot of land and ponds off North Bowman Springs Road south of US Highway 287 and Interstate Highway 20 bordering the city of Kennedale. Fishermem have frequented the area for years. Management of the preserve will insure its survival and maintenance for many years. People will soon forget that part of it was used as a dump or sanitary landfill site. There are no playgrounds or ball fields. You will see post oaks and blackjack oaks and other cross timbers forestry. The ponds are catch and release for fishing, and there is only one seating area for nature classes conducted by Preserve personnel or visiting group leaders. There are a few hiking trails.

John Graves died 1920 – July 31, 2013 age 92 in Glen Rose Texas. In 1957 he completed a three week canoe trip down a part of the Brazos River that he feared was about to be changed forever by the construction of dams. That resulted in an article published in Holiday Magazine. When it received a warm response he expanded the article into a book Goodbye To A River: A Narrative (Knopf 1960) that was nominated for the National Book Award. Texas Tech Library F392.B842 G7 reissued in 1961, 1989, 1991 and 2002 all at Texas Tech Library or Southwest Collection. Lubbock Public Library 976.4G776G He later moved to a plot of land near Glen Rose Texas and wrote about that landscape Hard Scrabble: Observations on a Patch of Land (Knopf 1974) Tech Southwest Collection TEX 33 G776 and another From a Limestone Ledge: Some essays and other ruminations about country life in Texas (Knopf 1980) Tech Southwest Collection TEX 33 G776 F931 reissued 2004 also at Tech Library PS3557.R2867 Z466. Lubbock Public Library as well. Some reissues have paired up with stellar photographers including Wyman Meinzer, e.g. Texas Rivers (University of Texas Press 2002) Lubbock Public Library 976.4009639 GRAV Graves wrote mostly about the rolling plains country but his early short story set on the Llano Estacado is The Last Running, Atlantic Monthly, June 1959 reissued (Encino Press 1974) Tech Library OVERSZ F392.L62 G77 reissued (Lyons & Burford 1990) at Lubbock Public Library, reissued by an extract in Lone Star Literature: A Texas Anthology From the Red River to the Rio Grande (ed. Don Graham, W.W. Norton & Co 2003) at pp. 143-159 ABE Books in good condition $3.95 incl s&h

Graves graduated from Rice Institute [now Rice University] in 1942 and served as an officer in the US Marine Corps in combat in the Pacific where he lost the use of one eye.


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