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Arts History Update for very early November 2013

30 Oct

Arts History Update for very early November 2013 by David Cummins


Texas Tech University has an administrative office titled Division of Institutional Diversity Equity and Community Engagement, within which is the Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center CCAAC that started a program titled Open Teaching Concept 2013: Teaching Diversity Across the Curriculum. Here is the lineup of speakers and other events to which students faculty and a few members of the public are invited at no cost. Advance notice of more than a few days didn’t happen this year so most events may already have occurred, but you need to know what’s happening and look for it to come around again in the future. Last event this semester is scheduled for November 1.


Other activities of the Center earlier this year were:

Asian Cultures and Societies seminar April 16, 2013,

Holi: The Festival of Colors March 30, 2013,

Cubanismo Hour with Nachito Herrera, Latin jazz pianist March 1, 2013, and Lunar New Year: Year of the Snake February 7, 13, 15 and 20, 2013.


For information e-mail or telephone 806-742-8681 the physical address is 101 Doak Hall if you want to drop in has several videos about the Open Teaching Concept and Twitter has some videos and comments and of course Facebook and Instagram has videos and photos


See a free movie and listen to an intelligent panel discussion afterward, probably inviting you to add your impressions?

Million Dollar Baby (2004) director Clint Eastwood starring Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood will be screened, light refreshments available, after which panelists Dr. John Barkdull, Dr. Francesca di Poppa, and Dr. Tommie Farrell will discuss the implications of the script cinematography and performance. Location is Escondido Theatre in the basement of the Student Union Building SUB at Texas Tech on Wednesday November 9 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

Ethics Center


Mark your calendar. TEDxTexasTechUniversity a licensed local subsidiary of TED will hold an inaugural event 8:00 am – 5:00 pm February 8, 2014 at Lanier Professional Development Center, School of Law on campus at which presenters will make a short presentation of new research, ideas being formulated for implementation, innovation, patents, and other dynamic happenings around campus. This event is about the cutting edge on the campus of a major research institution. Come and be amazed and impressed. $50 admission $25 for students.


In pretty straightforward language here’s a website Everything you need to know about Obamacare Motley Fool is an investor’s advisory service.


James Turrell: A Retrospective is a current exhibit at Los Angeles County Museum of Art May 26, 2013 – April 6, 2014

James Turrell is a recently concluded exhibit at Guggenheim Museum in New York City June 21 – September 25, 2013. It included Aten Reign (2013) in the lobby-rotunda where the ceiling was bathed in mutation colors. 5,621 visitors per day was the average visitaiton, making a new record of attendance at the Guggenheim, with lines out the door and down the street most days. It also included Iltar (1976) a tungsten light installation.

James Turrell: The Light Inside is another recently concluded exhibit June 9 – September 22, 2013 at Museum of Fine Arts Houston

The Color Inside (2013) by James Turrell is a new commissioned permanent installation on the campus of University of Texas at Austin. It is a skyspace meditation and contemplation room in the new Student Activity Center. The room can seat 25 people who look up at a white cocoon roof oculus that is most spectacular as the light transitions at sunset and sunrise. Turrell programmed a computer-controlled LED light sequence recreation to make the experience stunning at any time of day or night. One can make reservations for experiencing the skyspace

Turrell is probably best known for his Roden Crater Project (1979 – ongoing)

that began when Dia Art Foundation purchased an inactive volcano site in Arizona northeast of Flagstaff.

Sooner than Later, Roden Crater is an exhibit May 25 – July 20, 2013 at Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery in Los Angeles

Roden Crater and Autonomous Structures is an exhibit March 14 – April 20, 2013 at PACE Gallery New York City

James Turrell: The Other Horizon (MAK Center for Architecture 2001) is a catalog for an exhibition Texas Tech Architecture Library N6557 T78 A4


Second annual West Texas Folk Music Festival will be held at Uncle Bill’s Music Barn south of Lubbock at 15002 Louisville Avenue Lubbock TX 79423-6341 Thursday Friday and again on Saturday evening November 7, 8 and 9 with a different set performance group each night. Tickets are $10 each evening $5 for students with identification, available in advance at Ralph’s Records CDs DVDs 3322 82nd Street or through the website or at the door. Barn opens at 5:30 informal music is performed beginning at 6:00 pm and the set performance groups from 7:00 – 10:00 pm. Each evening features a different group of performers. Host for Thursday is Mark Wallney, for Friday Curtis Peoples, and for Saturday Jenni Dale Lord. More information by e-mail at

If the location of the Music Barn is unfamiliar, travel south on Indiana Avenue and continue when signage says it is County Road 2040 all the way to 146th Street [County Road 7500] and turn west on 146th Street for a couple of blocks to Louisville Avenue and turn south on Louisville to 150th Street and the Music Barn parking lot. When there, consider the grounds, pondbuilding and catering kitchen as a venue to rent for future events. Speak to Van and Leslie Shaw about that.


Federal District Court in Austin Judge Lee Yeakel ruled that legislature’s restrictions shutting down abortion clinics is unconstitutional and cannot go into effect on the legislation’s stated start up date October 29, 2013. State attorney general will appeal to Fifth Circuit United States Court of Appeals. Much of the time and effort of the 2013 Texas legislature was spent on this issue.


On Veteran’s Day November 11, 2013 on the Texas Tech University campus and at other campuses there will be a reading of the names of Texans who lost their lives on military duty in Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan OEF and Operation Iraqi Freedom OIF, later Operation New Dawn Iraq. The reading will occur at Memorial Circle north of the Administration Building 12:30 – 2:00 pm


Diwali, India’s Festival of Lights is November 2 – 6, 2013 and will be celebrated at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Thursday November 7 at 11:00 – 1:00 pm with traditional Indian food served at noon in the Academic Classroom Building ACB lobby on 4th Street. Everyone is welcome to see costumes, dances, and sample the food.

The holiday season is nearing, often in sync with seasonal equinoxes. Looking ahead …………..

The Dongzhi Festival is Saturday December 21, a Chinese festival marking the winter solstice, with a soup dish Tangyaun, brightly colored balls made with rice flour in a clear mi-so.

Yalda is also December 21, a Persian winter solstice celebration. Once thought to be the date of the birth of Mithra the sun god, it has become more of a cultural and social occasion.

Saturnalia from December 17 -23 honored Saturn, god of agriculture in classical Roman tradition. It became a festival during which class distinctions were blurred and togas were cast aside in favor of more colorful and merry clothing. A very popular holiday period.

Modraniht [Night of the Mothers] on December 24 was a pagan Germanic Anglo-Saxon event about which not much is known except female deities were always involved in some way. Bede in 8th century England wrote about this event.

Kwanzaa December 26 – January 1 is an African American celebration focused on seven principles: Unity, Self-determination, Collective work and responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith.

Sol Invictus sun god in later Roman early medieval times was celebrated Festival of the Birth of the Unconquered Sun December 25.

Christmas December 25 for Christians

Hanukkah November 27 – December 4 is an eight day re-dedication of the Jewish temple after a successful revolt against Seleucid conquerors. Dates change under the Hebrew calendar.

Pancha Ganapati, December 21-25 Hindu festival celebrating Lord Ganesh focused on mending past mistakes and taking a chance for a new beginning. Children are often given gifts .

Koleda December 21-30 is a Slavic pagan festival beginning on the winter solstice during which personal gods were revered and children would don costumes and visit homes in the village receiving gifts.

Yule Festivals in pagan Germanic tradition were later absorbed into Christmas traditions but the earlier Yule Log, tree, sacrifice and the feast of the Yule boar, and caroling were previous traditions.

Boxing Day December 26 was traditionally the day on which servants, employees and tradesmen would receive gifts from their employers in British tradition.

Bodhi Day December 8 is the day that Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha, achieved enlightenment. Meditation, chanting and acts of kindness are appropriate on this day.

Soyal December 21 -30 is celebrated on the days of the new year following the solstice by Hopi and Zuni Pueblo people. Adults often dress as kachinas and dance, offering gifts to children.

Hogmanay December 31 – January 1 is a Scottish new year celebration lasting through the night and into the morning. The custom is “first-footing” to a friend’s door shortly after midnight and offering a gift to the homeowner. Often they sing Auld Lang Syne.


National Bison Day is Saturday November 2, 2013 and is being celebrated locally at Caprock Canyons State Park &  Trailway north of Quitaque Texas, home to the Texas State Bison Herd. The program is 4:00 – 8:00 pm with viewing of the bison in their pastures during daylight and then a slide-show presentation at 7:15 pm as sunset comes on. There is a project afoot to make the bison the national mammal of the United States, led by the Colorado governor, Chief Earl Old Person of the Blackfeet Nation, and Ted Roosevelt V, great-great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt

Entrance fees to the state park and other information is here It is ninety miles from Lubbock about 1 hour 45 minute drive.



Texas Constitutional Amendments General Election Nov 5 2013

24 Oct

Texas Constitutional Amendments General Election Tuesday November 5, 2013. Ballot propositions on Texas Secretary of State website. Early voting locations on each day from Monday October 21 through Friday November 1, 2013 in Lubbock County are found here To find your polling place on election day go here Remember that this year voters are required to show a photo identification so bring your drivers license or other photo ID with you to either the early voting location or to the election day polling place. Your voter identification card itself does not contain a photo so bring an additional item. League of Women Voters of Lubbock supplies a printed Voters Guide you can pick up at public libraries and United Supermarkets grocery stores but it’s online and down-loadable here in addition to each ballot title it has an allegedly neutral explanation, arguments for, and arguments against. They are partially helpful but don’t tell very much of the real story.

I have been asked my opinion on these nine amendments. For whatever or however little that may be worth, everyone has or could have an opinion, here it is:

Amendment Proposition # 2 is a housekeeping measure, cleaning out from the constitution references to governmental entities that no longer exist and haven’t for many years. I will vote YES.

Amendment Proposition # 8 would repeal an existing constitutional provision that singled out Hidalgo County [Lower Rio Grande Valley largest cities McAllen, Edinburg, Pharr and Mission, Edinburg is county seat] and created a hospital district financing scheme for Hidalgo County. There is in existence a legislative program for the financing of hospital districts in all counties in Texas and that program would apply to Hidalgo County but for the existing constitutional provision that singles out Hidalgo County [legislature should never have adopted this single county scheme]. I will vote YES.

Amendment Propositions # 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9.  I will vote NO.

# 1 is another authorization for an additional homestead property tax exemption for surviving spouses of military personnel who are killed in action. There is no general state property tax so this is another state legislature proposal to force reductions in the local government [primarily counties, cities and school districts] property tax base. Further, it selects as the group a very small but appealing group, surviving spouses of military personnel killed in action. There are many ways in which the state legislature could assist such worthy people, and it is free to do so. Putting a twenty-five year old widow’s property on local property tax exemption rolls, this year and for the next fifty years, is not a good idea. Frankly, it’s a bad idea but there seem to be a lot of those floating around the legislature many emanating from within the legislature. I am a veteran with more than twenty years of service and have facilitated the offering of benefits to veterans and their surviving spouses and other family members. There is much to recommend these patterns of activity and benefit programs that are universal and evenly and fairly applied to all who qualify. The legislature’s carve-out here is not helpful and looks more like a publicity gimmick for legislators who want to appear to support military personnel families in tragic circumstances.

# 4 is a similar additional homestead property tax exemption for disabled veterans and for their surviving spouses on properties donated to them by charity. My comments above apply. A very small but appealing group is selected. There are so many obvious ways in which the matter of a disabled veteran owning a donated home, but unable to pay his/her property tax, could be addressed and relief applied in the local community and more appropriately so, than by automatically reducing the local government property tax rolls.

# 3 This is all about passing the buck from the state legislature to local governments relative to how long an out-of-state owner of aircraft parts can locate those parts in Texas without incurring a property tax liability. First, the state law on property taxation ought to apply evenly to all owners of property, and there should not be a carve-out or special rule for owners of aircraft parts. Second, the state should not set up a negotiation arena for local government officials to be cajoled by large out-of-state companies. This legislative proposition is very bad and one wonders which aircraft company or companies paid how much to legislators to get this proposition on the ballot.

# 5 Mortgage lenders [banks and others] asked the legislature for this proposition in order to create a new market for selling the “reverse mortgage” package. The proposition approves the technique for purchase of home transactions rather than as currently for existing owned homes where there is an equity in the already owned home. The purchaser of a home puts up a down payment sufficiently large enough that the lender is willing to grant a reverse mortgage on the purchased home and the “borrower” never has to make a monthly mortgage payment but his “equity” [initial down payment] erodes over time and when gone, the lender invites him to make another large down payment or if not, forecloses and kicks him/her out of the home. This is an obvious scam that the legislature should never have accepted.

# 7 An attempt to reduce the number of special election situations to elect someone to fill an unexpired term of office, and it allows the council or mayor [depending on the home rule charter] to appoint someone to the vacant office. I believe in voters determining who sits on city councils and will tolerate the modest cost of special elections as a price paid for democracy.

# 9 The State Commission is appropriately empowered now and it should not be empowered to make private non-public reprimands and admonitions, but rather should make real sanctions up or down and in public. Allowing a state agency to make private “punitive” decisions is inviting corruption. Find the high road and stay on it.

# 6 This water proposition is the most substantive on the entire ballot. Quite reasonable minds could conclude differently on this issue, but those citizens who only read the ballot title will never identify the real issue. Water is critical for Texans and water resources are at best finite and at worst dwindling. Just as there have been financed water projects in the past there will be financed water projects in the future. They will deal with surface waters, underground waters, desalinization of salt water, and other topics. The real issue is whether the state agency Texas Water Development Board will have ultimate control over the financing of future projects or whether, as now, regional water districts and other water authorities [e.g., Colorado River Authority] will have an empowered place at the table in determining the financing of projects. In Texas history I have seen state agencies influenced by governors and other state officials make more mistakes on this type of issue, than what I’ve seen by water districts and other water authorities that have had to please a number of counties, many cities, and a host of regional political players before financing their projects. I think those regional entities have done a pretty fair job of managing water projects and I am unwilling to take power away from them and center that power in an Austin state agency. Ignore the seed money appropriation from the Rainy Day Fund. It’s an enticement to do something. If and when there is a good water project that both the state agency Texas Water Development Board and the pertinent regional water district(s) or water authorities agree upon, the legislature will appropriate what’s needed either from the Rainy Day Fund or general revenues to pay its fair share of the burden. The mix, if there should then be a mix, of general obligation bonds and revenue bonds will be determined, again, by both the state agency and the regional water district(s) and water authorities.

David Cummins

Arts History Update for very late October 2013

23 Oct

Arts History Update for very late October 2013 by David Cummins



Major League Baseball: the Post-Season ………. American League Boston (east) Detroit (central) Oakland (west). Cleveland and Tampa Bay compete October 2 to establish the fourth team which plays Boston in best of five games playoffs. Tampa Bay won 4-0

Boston v. Tampa Bay [3-1] Boston won 12-2 and 7-4 at Fenway, site moves to Tampa Bay’s Tropicana Field where Rays won 5-4 but Red Sox finish 3-1 to win playoffs

Oakland v. Detroit [2-3] Detroit won 3-2 at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. In second game Justin Verlander pitched scoreless for seven innings and Sonny Gray for eight but neither won or lost. Oakland scored in the bottom of the ninth and won 1-0. Site moves to Detroit Comerica Park. Oakland won 6-3 then Tigers won 8-6 and we move back to Oakland Alameda County Coliseum for the final game Thursday October 10 where Verlander’s pitching dominated and Detroit won 3-0

American League Pennant Series Boston v. Detroit [42] at Fenway Saturday October 12 TV-FOX 34 at 7:00 pm

(All times Eastern.)

Game 1: Detroit @ Boston — Saturday, October 12, 8 p.m. Detroit won 1-0 Game 2: Detroit @ Boston — Sunday, October 13, 8 p.m. Boston won 6-5 Game 3: Boston @ Detroit — Tuesday, October 15, 4 p.m. Boston won 1-0 Game 4: Boston @ Detroit — Wednesday, October 16, 8 p.m. Detroit won 7-3 Game 5*: Boston @ Detroit — Thursday, October 17, 8 p.m. Boston won 4-3 Game 6*: Detroit @ Boston — Saturday, October 19, 4:30 p.m. Boston won 5-2 Game 7*: Detroit @ Boston — Sunday, October 20, 8 p.m.

On Tuesday Verlander gave up only 4 hits in 8 innings but lost 1-0 to Boston whose Lackey gave up 4 hits in 6 innings and relievers gave up only 2 more hits. In game six in the bottom of the seventh inning Bosox scored 4 runs on a grand slam homer to take the lead 5-2 and held on to win the pennant.

National League Atlanta (east) St Louis (central) Los Angeles Dodgers (west) Pittsburgh def Cincinnati to become the fourth team in playoffs

St Louis v. Pittsburgh [3-2]: Cards won 9-1 in Busch Stadium, Pittsburgh won 7-1, site moves to Pittsburgh PNC Park on the banks of the Allegheny River

, Pirates won 5-3 then St Louis won 2-1, site returns to St Louis for final game Wednesday October 9 Cards won 6-1

Atlanta v. Los Angeles Dodgers [1-3]: Dodgers won 6-1 at Turner Field, Atlanta won 4-3, site moves to Los Angeles. Dodgers won 13-6 Dodgers won again 4-3 to win playoffs

National League Pennant Los Angeles Dodgers v. St Louis Cardinals [2-4] begins Friday October 11 at Busch Stadium best of seven games. Dodgers Zack Greinke pitched 8 innings and Cards Joe Kelly pitched six but score was tied 2-2 and is now in the 13th inning. Dodgers have used four relievers and Cards six relievers. Carlos Beltran doubled driving in a run to win 3-2 in bottom of 13th inning. Second game TV-TBS ch 112 at 3:00 pm Saturday Cards won 1-0. Third game at Dodger Stadium was another well-pitched game Dodgers winning 3-0. Fourth game Cards struck back wining 4-2. Wednesday October 16 at 2:30 pm St Louis v. Los Angeles TV-TBS 112 game five Dodgers hit homers and win 6-4. Game Six is in St Louis on Friday October 18 7:30 pm TV-TBS ch 112. The rookie Wacha pitched strong for the Cardinals and their bats took out the Dodger ace winning 9-0.

MLB baseball isn’t over, NFL football is mid-season, NHL hockey season began, and yes NBA basketball pre-season is upon us. Greed trumps the seasons on our calendar and our historic thought – everything in its season, and a separate season for everything. The substitutional effect doesn’t operate anymore: when baseball is over we substitute football for it, and when football is over, we substitute basketball for it, etc. Either pick your sport or multi-task and follow multiple sports.

World Series St Louis Cardinals v. Boston Red Sox TV-FOX channel 34



Wednesday, Oct. 23: In Boston, 7:07 p.m.

Thursday. Oct. 24: In Boston, 7:07 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 26: In St. Louis, 7:07 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 27: In St. Louis, 7:15 p.m.

x-Monday, Oct. 28: In St. Louis, 7:07 p.m.

x-Wednesday, Oct. 30: In Boston, 7:07 p.m.

x-Thursday, Oct. 31:  In Boston, 7:07 p.m.


In November each year art aficionados enjoy themselves to excess at Local Color Artist Studio tour, this year the 17th annual tour and look closely to discover new and old locations. The concept is unbeatable. Not only do attendees get to enter the actual location or studio where ten artists perform their magic, but there are an additional five or six artists at that location showing their work. Yes, it’s true, you can meet and discuss the art of fifty Lubbock area artists with several of their best pieces on display. Even if some lucky soul beat you to the bonanza and purchased a displayed piece, the rules are that it stays on display through closing at six pm Sunday so we all get to see the complete exhibition whenever we show up. Saturday November 9 from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm or Sunday November 10 noon – 6:00 pm.

Each one of the artists has a story; e.g. David Leake and here is his website Allin Budek is ninety years of age and has stories about her earlier life in Europe as it convulsed in war and desolation in early and mid-twentieth century. Take this opportunity to get to know several of the people who make the South Plains such a special place.

Lane Anderson is a fine art photographer Here is one of his web sites and another website at which you can find Sunrise for Heroes, a gorgeous photograph of Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial (2003) a project of Lubbock’s American Legion Post # 575 designed by architect Jimmy Dirks of Cox-Dirks Architects. Location is 82nd Street and Nashville Avenue in Henry Huneke Park.  Anderson will exhibit and be present at Sara Peso White’s studio at 4411 18th Street for the Local Color Studio Tour.


Veterans Day is November 11, 2013. The Brass Quintet ensemble within the US Marine Corps Band at San Diego will play Hemmle Recital Hall 18th Street and Boston Avenue on the Texas Tech campus on Monday November 4 at 8:00 pm, a free concert. The Matador Singers male choral group presents a Veterans Day Concert Monday November 11 at 8:00 pm at Hemmle Recital Hall, also a free concert.

Silent Wings Museum, west side of Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, waives admission price on Veterans Day and there are special events, not yet announced for this year, but last year’s events are described here

USAF Colonel Mike Mullane, Astronaut, will speak on November 21 at 7:00 pm at Lanier Auditorium, School of Law on campus. Free event including reception afterward. His personal website is

Texas Tech Museum Sculpture Court has a traveling exhibit October 25 through November 14 that is a tribute to the Texans who served and died in the Vietnam War. The Capitol Monument sculpture  by Duke Sundt will be dedicated at the Capitol on March 29, 2014. here is a photo of the sculpture


National Book Award finalists are announced and the winners will be announced at a dinner November 20 Both the short [five] and long [ten] lists contain high quality books in four fields: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry and Young People’s Literature.

Man Booker Prize in England went to 28 year old Eleanor Catton for The Luminaries. Catton hails from New Zealand.

Random House and Penguin have merged although you wouldn’t know that by accessing their websites that haven’t been merged. Two major publishing houses with long histories are involved. If the industry continues to benefit from their operating as if they were separate companies, both the bottom line and publishing may be better. The new name is Penguin Random House and will control more than 25% of global trade book publishing with 10,000 employees and $3.9 billion annual gross revenue. It contains 250 “independent” [but not really] publishing imprints and . A spokesman said the company is all about helping consumers discover quality books for purchase in a world with fewer bookstores [and he could have said progressively fewer and fewer bookstores whether they be chains like Borders and Barnes & Noble or independents like Powells Book Store]. Translation: Penguin Random House wants to construct a technological connection with many more millions of readers. At the same time look for the giant publisher to trim its physical profile by consolidating its printing functions, storage of physical books functions, and  distribution functions. It may increase its physical bank of computer servers at some place on the planet. Behind the smoke and mirrors one realizes that Penguin Random House wants to gain leverage in its relationship with but that defensive reason for the merger is a chimera. It will only meet its goals when it doesn’t care how prices the books it sells. That can’t happen unless Penguin Random House jetisons the old “list retail price” system for its books and creates value for purchasing through Penguin Random House such as exclusive access to materials for book reading clubs that include author insights, and other such features that aren’t available to a commercial retailer like

Please don’t think these two publishers were previously independent. Penguin was owned by a British company Pearson PLC that now owns 47% of Penguin Random House. Random House was owned by a German company Bertelsmann that now owns 53% of Penguin Random House.

Jason Hardink is the guest pianist for Lubbock Symphony Orchestra concerts October 25-26, 2013 at Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Theatre. He will play Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. He is principal pianist for the Utah Symphony and is a chamber and ensemble player at many venues.


Thursday November 14, 2013 at 7:00 pm is Readings by Authors at First Unitarian Universalist Church 2801 42nd Street Lubbock. The authors are Richard Jespers, Barbara Brannon, Michelle Kraft and Marilyn Westfall. Refreshments afterward. Everyone is welcome. Free event.


The federal government shutdown and debt ceiling cap melted away for now, deferred to January 2014, and U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz’s “dream” of keeping poor people from seeing a doctor, “must never die”, he said. This kind of logic by people who hold levers of power, is frightening if one allows fright into one’s life. Please don’t. It’s just mis-adventure by politicians.


Robert Coover is a master of the fabulist short story. Here’s Going for a Beer, The New Yorker Magazine, March 14, 2011 and The Colonel’s Daughter, The New Yorker Magazine, September 2, 2013 No one misses the concept that he is commenting on current events in world news and the paradoxes they provide when life is seen or experienced in microcasm rather than macrocasm.

A novella at 192 pages is Robert Coover, Noir (Overlook Press 2010) Texas Tech Library PS3553.O633 N65 or for purchase at ABE Books good condition $3.48 incl s&h fabulism can involve an unreliable narrator stating things as happening that actually didn’t happen, so part of the read is a fable and the reader must sort the actual from the improbable and fanciful.


Overzealous former Kansas Attorney General and former prosecuting attorney of Johnson County Phillip D. Kline received an indefinite suspension of his license to practice law for his repeated violations of law and rules of ethical conduct when trying to shut down abortion provider entities like Planned Parenthood and physicians who assisted them.–finance.html Instead of being an independent and impartial servant of the law he went on a political mission and swept aside the rules and limitations of the law in his wake. Anyone who has political power takes an oath to abide by the law. It is good that the Kansas state bar and now finally the Kansas Supreme Court have insisted on law-abiding by the elected and powerful.


The City of Arlington just opened Southwest Nature Preserve a 58 acre plot of land and ponds off North Bowman Springs Road south of US Highway 287 and Interstate Highway 20 bordering the city of Kennedale. Fishermem have frequented the area for years. Management of the preserve will insure its survival and maintenance for many years. People will soon forget that part of it was used as a dump or sanitary landfill site. There are no playgrounds or ball fields. You will see post oaks and blackjack oaks and other cross timbers forestry. The ponds are catch and release for fishing, and there is only one seating area for nature classes conducted by Preserve personnel or visiting group leaders. There are a few hiking trails.

John Graves died 1920 – July 31, 2013 age 92 in Glen Rose Texas. In 1957 he completed a three week canoe trip down a part of the Brazos River that he feared was about to be changed forever by the construction of dams. That resulted in an article published in Holiday Magazine. When it received a warm response he expanded the article into a book Goodbye To A River: A Narrative (Knopf 1960) that was nominated for the National Book Award. Texas Tech Library F392.B842 G7 reissued in 1961, 1989, 1991 and 2002 all at Texas Tech Library or Southwest Collection. Lubbock Public Library 976.4G776G He later moved to a plot of land near Glen Rose Texas and wrote about that landscape Hard Scrabble: Observations on a Patch of Land (Knopf 1974) Tech Southwest Collection TEX 33 G776 and another From a Limestone Ledge: Some essays and other ruminations about country life in Texas (Knopf 1980) Tech Southwest Collection TEX 33 G776 F931 reissued 2004 also at Tech Library PS3557.R2867 Z466. Lubbock Public Library as well. Some reissues have paired up with stellar photographers including Wyman Meinzer, e.g. Texas Rivers (University of Texas Press 2002) Lubbock Public Library 976.4009639 GRAV Graves wrote mostly about the rolling plains country but his early short story set on the Llano Estacado is The Last Running, Atlantic Monthly, June 1959 reissued (Encino Press 1974) Tech Library OVERSZ F392.L62 G77 reissued (Lyons & Burford 1990) at Lubbock Public Library, reissued by an extract in Lone Star Literature: A Texas Anthology From the Red River to the Rio Grande (ed. Don Graham, W.W. Norton & Co 2003) at pp. 143-159 ABE Books in good condition $3.95 incl s&h

Graves graduated from Rice Institute [now Rice University] in 1942 and served as an officer in the US Marine Corps in combat in the Pacific where he lost the use of one eye.


Arts History Update for late October 2013

15 Oct

Arts History Update for late October 2013 by David Cummins


Here is the new website of Lahib Jaddo, Lubbock artist and associate professor in the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University


Texas Professional Sports


Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex


Dallas Mavericks basketball at American Airlines Center with AT&T Plaza on its south side Olive Street at North Houston Street

Dallas Cowboys football at AT&T Stadium in Arlington

Dallas Stars hockey at American Airlines Center

Texas Rangers baseball at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

FC Dallas soccer at Toyota Stadium in Frisco




Houston Rockets basketball at Toyota Center

Houston Astros baseball at Minute Maid Park

Houston Texans football at Reliant Stadium

Houston Dynamo soccer at BBVA Compass Stadium


San Antonio


San Antonio Spurs basketball at AT&T Center


All of these venues are multi-purpose and host events other than sports, for example, Michael Buble singer is touring for his new album release and on consecutive nights entertains at Dallas American Airlines Center, San Antonio AT&T Center and Houston Toyota Center October 18-20


Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth is the site for NASCAR Nationwide Series racing on April 12 and November 2, 2013 and for NASCAR Sprint Cup racing April 13 and November 3, 2013 and of course for lesser level racing throughout the year


Circuit of the Americas is the site for Formula One United States Grand Prix races on November 15-17, 2013 the third year in a ten year scheduled run at this site outside Austin Texas Here is the architecture involved


Major League Baseball: the Post-Season ………. American League Boston (east) Detroit (central) Oakland (west). Cleveland and Tampa Bay compete October 2 to establish the fourth team which plays Boston in best of five games playoffs. Tampa Bay won 4-0

Boston v. Tampa Bay [3-1] Boston won 12-2 and 7-4 at Fenway, site moves to Tampa Bay’s Tropicana Field where Rays won 5-4 but Red Sox finish 3-1 to win playoffs

Oakland v. Detroit [2-3] Detroit won 3-2 at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. In second game Justin Verlander pitched scoreless for seven innings and Sonny Gray for eight but neither won or lost. Oakland scored in the bottom of the ninth and won 1-0. Site moves to Detroit Comerica Park. Oakland won 6-3 then Tigers won 8-6 and we move back to Oakland Alameda County Coliseum for the final game Thursday October 10 where Verlander’s pitching dominated and Detroit won 3-0

American League Pennant Series Boston v. Detroit [2-1] at Fenway Saturday October 12 TV-FOX 34 at 7:00 pm

(All times Eastern.)

Game 1: Detroit @ Boston — Saturday, October 12, 8 p.m. Detroit won 1-0 Game 2: Detroit @ Boston — Sunday, October 13, 8 p.m. Boston won 6-5 Game 3: Boston @ Detroit — Tuesday, October 15, 4 p.m. Boston won 1-0 Game 4: Boston @ Detroit — Wednesday, October 16, 8 p.m. Game 5*: Boston @ Detroit — Thursday, October 17, 8 p.m. Game 6*: Detroit @ Boston — Saturday, October 19, 4:30 p.m. Game 7*: Detroit @ Boston — Sunday, October 20, 8 p.m.

On Tuesday Verlander gave up only 4 hits in 8 innings but lost 1-0 to Boston whose Lackey gave up 4 hits in 6 innings and relievers gave up only 2 more hits.

National League Atlanta (east) St Louis (central) Los Angeles Dodgers (west) Pittsburgh def Cincinnati to become the fourth team in playoffs

St Louis v. Pittsburgh [3-2]: Cards won 9-1 in Busch Stadium, Pittsburgh won 7-1, site moves to Pittsburgh PNC Park on the banks of the Allegheny River

, Pirates won 5-3 then St Louis won 2-1, site returns to St Louis for final game Wednesday October 9 Cards won 6-1

Atlanta v. Los Angeles Dodgers [1-3]: Dodgers won 6-1 at Turner Field, Atlanta won 4-3, site moves to Los Angeles. Dodgers won 13-6 Dodgers won again 4-3 to win playoffs

National League Pennant Los Angeles Dodgers v. St Louis Cardinals [1-2] begins Friday October 11 at Busch Stadium best of seven games. Dodgers Zack Greinke pitched 8 innings and Cards Joe Kelly pitched six but score was tied 2-2 and is now in the 13th inning. Dodgers have used four relievers and Cards six relievers. Carlos Beltran doubled driving in a run to win 3-2 in bottom of 13th inning. Second game TV-TBS ch 112 at 3:00 pm Saturday Cards won 1-0. Third game at Dodger Stadium was another well-pitched game Dodgers winning 3-0.


The cover story for the October 2013 issue of Texas Observer Magazine is a smashing likeness of Woody Guthrie with his guitar on which is written This Machine Kills Fascists. Focused on Pampa Texas where he spent eight formative years 1929 – 1936 and learned to play the guitar, we see photos of Harris Drug Store where he worked, now Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center, and we are told about the shotgun style shack he lived in with his first wife Mary Jennings Guthrie. There can be no doubt his manuscript novel House of Earth was based on his life with Mary in Pampa. It was written later in California, finished in 1947, and located among his possessions and published in 2013 many years after his death in 1967. Texas Tech Library PS3513.U9 H68 The young husband Tike Hamlin dreams of building an adobe house for his family, a house made of the very earth to which the couple are bound but in which they can never have any equity or ownership. That belongs to others. Owned land/rented land/ sharecropped land were options and the fictional Tike Hamlin and Woody were sharecroppers. This tender story reveals the basis for Woody’s radicalism in an unforgiving Great Depression Dust Bowl existence. Reading this novel provides a further understanding of the lyrics he later wrote This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land (1940). Woody sings the song on this video. and here is Arlo Guthrie his son singing the song with the Boston Pops Orchestra behind him.


Michael Stutz sculptor is installing his work Four Faces (2013) at Talkington Residence Hall on the Texas Tech University campus October 17, 2013 and will provide a free public talk on Friday October 18 at 2:00 pm in the Talkington Hall Multipurpose Room 104. If you attend, the Band Lot to the north will likely be in use so convenient free parking would be at McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center to the east of Talkington Hall. It is also possible to attend the installation itself the previous day if you can be in a corner and be quiet while observing.


Illustration and design isn’t always original work. Sometimes it’s just a matter of selecting from extant work something that is so very appropriate. Here are successful selections of existing art to serve as book covers for new book publications. is Andre Kertesz photo New York, 1972 of the World Trade Center building just before dedication. And here is the cover for Don Delillo’s book Underworld (1997)

Giovanni Boldini, Profile of a Young Woman oil painting was cropped and selected for the book by Joyce Carol Oates, The Accursed (Ecco 2013)

Rene Magritte, La Reproduction Interdite [not to be reproduced] was used on the cover of Richard Mason, History of a Pleasure Seeker (Knopf 2012)


Food Trucks are popular mobile restaurants in Austin, Marfa, San Antonio and other cities but are new to Lubbock so look for the truck Twist’d Texan around town. It’s been invited to set up at LHUCA for First Friday Art Trail events. Operator is Chad Montgomery. Phone 806-438-9559 if you’d like it to cater an event. Remember, you don’t even have a kitchen cleanup after this catering.

Llano Estacado Winery 20th annual Grape Day is Saturday October 19 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm location 3.2 miles east of US Highway 87 on Farm to Market Road 1585 Admission $5 for wine glass [take it home] and one glass of wine, your choice. Fill-ups $3 per glass. Food choices include Twist’d Texan Food Truck out front and inside are United Supermarket, Pecan Ridge and Dion’s Pizza. Many vendors and Bo Garza entertains. What a deal. Just walking around among vats and winery equipment is an experience. Don’t forget to stroll toward the vineyard to the east of the winery, where wine begins on the vine.


West Texas Watercolor Society annual Fall Membership Show Here are the prize winners They’re wonderful, so I looked on the Internet for some watercolors with high value aesthetics. Here is James Boren, Mexican Hut (1973) and his Squire of Bracketville (1971)


September 16 was the primary election for mayor of New York City, 56,000 Republicans voted selecting Joseph Lhota among three candidates. 606,000 Democrats voted selecting Bill de Blasio among five candidates. November 5 is the general election. Will Councilman de Blasio from Brooklyn be the next mayor?

These are pretty low numbers of people voting as compared to registered voters so don’t assume that the disproportionate amount of voters in the Democratic Party primary means a Democrat will become mayor. In fact, David Dinkins in the  1993 election, was the last Democrat elected Mayor, and that was twenty years ago. Also, New York City voters seem more inclined to vote relative to local issues  that are important in their lives rather than national ideology of political parties. When I lived there it seemed all the conversation revolved around who was the best person to solve the X or Y or Z problems facing the city.

Some pundits say that in those cities with a strong mayor and council system you find the largest power vacuum and folks who wish to fill it and be that strong mayor. Lubbock has a weak mayor, council and city manager system, as described by political scientists.


New architecture

Here’s the Kohout Residence in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota really tasteful design in the northern plains.

Desert House in Santa Fe New Mexico

Cascading Creek House in Austin

Ottmers Residence in rural Gillespie County Texas Hill Country county seat is Fredericksburg

Arthouse at the Jones Center downtown Austin Texas

Omega Center for Sustainable Living at Rhinebeck New York I’ve been to Omega Institute for Holistic Studies but it was before this building went up in 2009.

Hangar at Spaceport America Las Cruces New Mexico


Arts History Update for just past mid October 2013

10 Oct

Arts History Update for just past mid October 2013 by David Cummins

The Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art (1937) was founded to be a depository to retain sacred Navajo religious information. In the 1920s Navajo religious practice was thought to be imperiled as a culture because the United States Government

policy was to send Navajo children to boarding schools where they would not speak the Navajo language or follow their traditions. The efforts of Christian missionaries were taking a toll also.

Navajo healers use sand painting [dry painting] in their ceremonies, building the painting as they chant and sing, and then wiping it out at the end of the ceremony, much as a Buddhist monk makes a sand or bead or glass Mandala until it is completed and then it is intentionally destroyed. It is the process of making it that is significant. Many Navajo artists would react by recreating a sand painting or portions of it in their weaving and other art forms.

Mary Cabot Wheelwright, a wealthy Bostonian with an interest in religions, met Hosteen Klah in 1921. They collaborated to record and preserve Navajo ritual knowledge. Franc [Frances] Newcomb, a trusted trader, sketched the sand paintings and Klah wove huge tapestries of the ritual designs. Their work was preserved in the museum Wheelwright financed, the Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art. In the next forty years the peril vanished as the Navajo way of life remained and prospered. Navajo people then expressed concern that non-Navajo had access to sacred ritual articles and knowledge. In 1977 the board of directors of the Museum voted to repatriate medicine bundles and other sacred items and those are now stored at Cultural Center Museum in Navajo Community College at Tsaile Arizona, later renamed Dine College. The board also agreed that non-Navajo would not be allowed to see sacred weaving in the museum collection or take photographs of them. The name of the Museum was changed to Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, 704 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe New Mexico. and this is its website

In the Museum courtyard is a bronze Dineh (1981) by Allan Houser sculptor. In the Navajo language dineh means the people.

If you visit Santa Fe and its many museums, include this small gem.

Major League Baseball: the Post-Season ………. American League Boston (east) Detroit (central) Oakland (west). Cleveland and Tampa Bay compete October 2 to establish the fourth team which plays Boston in best of five games playoffs. Tampa Bay won 4-0

Boston v. Tampa Bay [3-1] Boston won 12-2 and 7-4 at Fenway, site moves to Tampa Bay’s Tropicana Field where Rays won 5-4 but Red Sox finish 3-1 to win playoffs

Oakland v. Detroit [2-2] Detroit won 3-2 at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. In second game Justin Verlander pitched scoreless for seven innings and Sonny Gray for eight but neither won or lost. Oakland scored in the bottom of the ninth and won 1-0. Site moves to Detroit Comerica Park. Oakland won 6-3 then Tigers won 8-6 and we move back to Oakland Alameda County Coliseum for the final game Thursday October 10

American League Pennant Boston v.

National League Atlanta (east) St Louis (central) Los Angeles Dodgers (west) Pittsburgh def Cincinnati to become the fourth team in playoffs

St Louis v. Pittsburgh [3-2]: Cards won 9-1 in Busch Stadium, Pittsburgh won 7-1, site moves to Pittsburgh PNC Park on the banks of the Allegheny River

, Pirates won 5-3 then St Louis won 2-1, site returns to St Louis for final game Wednesday October 9 Cards won 6-1

Atlanta v. Los Angeles Dodgers [1-3]: Dodgers won 6-1 at Turner Field, Atlanta won 4-3, site moves to Los Angeles. Dodgers won 13-6 Dodgers won again 4-3 to win playoffs

National League Pennant Los Angeles Dodgers v. St Louis Cardinals begins Friday October 11 at Busch Stadium best of seven games


The King Cole Bar is inside the St Regis Hotel in New York City specifically Two E. 55th Street at Fifth Avenue. It’s the venue of a large mural by Maxfield Parrish Old King Cole (1906) initially commissioned for the Knickerbocker Hotel on 42nd Street. It only adds to the mystique that Salvador Dali lived in this hotel for months and frequented this luxurious bar. better view of Old King Cole

Here is a catalog of his paintings and illustrations


Watched a video of the August 6, 2012 Men’s Laser Single Sail and Sailor Race at Portland/Weymouth Harbor, England in the 2012 Olympic Games. It was a hugely athletic and thrilling race between the two point leaders Australia and Cyprus and another race entirely between the two contenders for third place and a Bronze Medal Croatia and Sweden. There were additional boats in this fleet rather than individual challenge race. Tom Slingsby of Australia won the Gold Medal. He was the five-time World Champion in Laser racing going into the Olympic Games and we saw his skill and daring-do on offer. That name then registered. Wasn’t he on the crew for Oracle Team USA during its remarkable defense of the America’s Cup Challenge September 2013? and individual page Strategist and Grinder is the role he successfully performed on San Francisco Bay.

Laser boat racing is popular globally. It is a one person centerboard dinghy class Finn design that is universal, that was first used in the 1952 Olympic Games and been used in each Games since. Here is a picture of a laser fleet sailing San Francisco Bay with Alcatraz in the background. Home port for many lasers is St. Francis Yacht Club On the Marina 99 Yacht Road San Francisco CA [where Marina Boulevard meets Mason Street turn north on Yacht Road]. The Club will host the 2014 US Nationals Laser Races on July 31 – August 3, 2014 on San Francisco Bay.


Jean Dubuffet 1901 – 1985 continues to be exhibited by Pace Gallery in October 2013 and here are some of his late works At age 82 to be able to paint Mire G 96 (Kowloon) (1983) is just amazing. He was often categorized in the Art Brut style because he was willing to use ordinary materials not previously used as art materials, and turn them into an art piece. Others categorized him as an Abstract Expressionist. Categories did not contain or limit him, only the supplier of the category. Being both a painter and sculptor made it more difficult for others to categorize him, for which he probably was grateful.

Lisa Reinertson, Cesar Marching to Sacramento (2001) is a bronze sculpture of Cesar Chavez installed at Cesar Chavez Plaza 901 I Street, Sacramento. It was recently removed for conservation purposes by Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission while park improvements were made. On Tuesday October 15, 2013 at 4:30 pm PDT the re-installed statuary will be re-dedicated and the public is invited to this free event.


Thomas Williams & Michael Peppiatt, The Bay Area School: California Artists from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s (Lund Humphries Publictions 2012) $66.50 $56.76 ABE Books new incl s&h

Timothy Anglin Burgard, Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953-1966 (Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco) Yale University Press 2013) $71.82 ABE new $40.72

Susan Landauer, The San Francisco School of Abstract Expressionism (University of California Press 1996) Texas Tech Library ND235.S27 L36 $43.86 ABE good condition $20.49

Thomas Albright, Art in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1945-1980: An Illustrated History (University of California Press 1985) $44.50 ABE Books very good condition Texas Tech Library N6535.S3 A43


Born during the Great Depression, I lived my productive life during the 20th century and recall it as a century of war, warfare hot and cold, and brinksmanship based on powerful figures whose rhetoric was deceit. Increasingly, the nation states of the planet became rogues in a chess game. Capitalists, especially large businesses, captivated by greed and the value of price, unaware of the price of value, careened in cycles yielding good or bad times for their employees and communities. They became at best unreliable. Religions splintered into sects and other separate units, gradually becoming irrelevant to life as lived by most people. Individuals became the most valuable entities, worst when self-centered and self-indulgent, and best when joined in community for win-win projects. Media would not or could not understand or report the values of individuals and placed a market value price on everything even though it was not for sale in any market, and in some cases never would be. The chief response to media’s blaring was by other media, an incestuous conversation of no interest to most of us. Media like politicians held no ground for credibility and survived in a shadow of disrespect. We ignore them and suffer the same as if we paid attention. The values of friendship, love, a balanced equipoise with nature, and striving to improve the communities we acknowledge and in which we have confidence, command our attention and drive our achievement.

Sadly, the first thirteen years of the new century yield to the same observations.


Angel Otero, painter, starts by painting a copy of one of Nicolas Poussin’s scenes, and then over-paints it on a plexiglass, and then removes the over-painting onto skins toward application on a canvas making a collage of the over-paintings into an abstraction. Here is the unusual process by which that occurs. and here is his website His studio is in the Bushwick section of north Brooklyn New York,_Brooklyn

The result of this elaborate process is a strongly textured abstraction, at some points a bas-relief or low relief, that is quite distinct from typical abstract paintings that seem flat by comparison. No wonder that the artist is riding a wave of popularity and collectors are swarming.

The Poussin scene is unrecognizable either in itself or in the accomplished abstraction so when asked about why Otero uses it, he says that his process is a justification of painting, his personal justification.


Bodega Bay is a small bay on the Sonoma County coast 68 miles north of San Francisco on San Francisco Bay. The nearby hills were populated by Miwok and Kashaya Pomo Indians in 1775 when a Spanish sloop arrived with its captain Don Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra Mollineda aboard. They explored and named the location but did not settle.

Russian fur traders with a Tzarist monopoly license in hand, arrived in 1812 with 25 Russians and 80 conscripted Native Alaskans to construct a settlement at Ross 24 miles north of Bodega Bay. They came to establish a base for sea otter hunting in the area and to harvest agricultural supplies for the northern Pacific Russian commerce, the first Russian settlement in America being on Kodiak Island in 1784. Old Sitka, which the Russians called New Archangel, was founded in 1799 and became the capital of their fur trading operations in Alaska. In 1806 Captain Nikolai Resanov sailed the Juno south to San Francisco Bay and lay at harbor and negotiated for supplies for his ailing Sitka operations. He agreed to marry Concepcion Arguello, the teenage daughter of the Spanish Presidio Commander, and the deal was done. Juno was loaded with grain and sailed north. Resanov intended thereafter to both establish trading relations with the Spanish and to establish a settlement base north of the Spanish settlements. Ivan Kuskov sailed south to Bodega Bay in 1808, taking in 2,000 sea otter pelts and exploring the region. In 1812 he returned and the settlement Rossiya was constructed north of Bodega Bay where Indians had a village. A fort was built in case the Spanish came calling on their northern neighbors. It was called Rossiya meaning Russia in Tzarist days. Today it is Fort Ross. By 1839 the marine animals were depleted and agricultural operations supplied too little for Alaskan needs so the Ross Colony would be closed. A sale was offered to the Mexican government but declined, then offered to Mariano Vallejo and declined. Finally a sale was made in 1841 to John Sutter of Sutter’s Fort near Sacramento, and thereafter transferred to the Call Family from which a part was purchased for historical purposes. is an 1841 watercolor painting of Fort Ross by a Russian lady.

Major Spanish settlements in Alta California were at Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay. After Mexican Independence in 1821 government authorities would make land grants to Mexican citizens, for example to General Mariano Vallejo who established many ranchos in Sonoma County. Captain Stephen Smith, who married a Peruvian, Manuela Torres, and became a Mexican citizen in order to receive a land grant, established 35,487 acre Rancho Bodega in 1844 bordered by the Russian River to the north and Estero Americano to the south, a large portion of the Bodega Bay Area. He built the first steam-powered sawmill in California. Today – knock back a Syrah from Bodega Rancho Wines

The Mexican American War of 1846-1848 yielded a Mexican cession to the United States of Alta California and much of the American southwest. Resident Mexican citizens instantly became United States citizens. By September 9, 1850 California was a state within the United States, perhaps hastened by the gold discovery and its immediate consequences.

Firman Camelot founded the town of Bay in the late 1800s, which later changed its name to Bodega Bay.


Annual Texas Book Festival is October 26-27, 2013 at Austin on the Capitol grounds. A free event generally with some ticketed events nearby parking garages have been employed to provide free parking and the food vendors are terrific with several high quality barbeque vendors. Here is the list of authors who will be present many of them best-selling authors nationally.

Book Expo America, an annual event at Javits Center in New York City on May 29-31, 2014 is a place where new digital capabilities inside the industry are displayed as well as having the more traditional book fair activities.

Smaller regional and even local book fairs are quite enjoyable. West Texas Historical Association’s annual meetings always focus on recent books that pertain to the area and its history. People are lined up milling about the display tables and talking with vendors. Several authors are usually present. April 4-5, 2014 are the dates for the annual meeting to be held this year in Odessa Texas. Literary Lubbock is an annual book fair gourmet dinner featuring a half dozen authors of new books published by Texas Tech University Press held this last May 2, 2013, look for a date in early May 2014.

San Antonio Public Library operates an annual Book Festival and the Open Book Festival at Amarillo Civic Center Heritage Room is Saturday October 27, 2013 The West Texas Book Festival in Abilene has been going for many years


Arts History Update for mid October 2013

5 Oct

Arts History Update for mid October 2013 by David Cummins

Voltaire was less than gracious when he criticized Shakespeare for his dramatic practice and proclaimed the superiority of a French writer, Racine. Horace Walpole, Englishman, took offense and wrote The Castle of Otranto (1764) packaging it as a riposte to Voltaire. The Seven Years War 1756-1763 had just ended. Walpole invented the Gothic novel. This and more is discussed in Angela Wright, Britain, France and the Gothic, 1764 – 1820: The Import of Terror (Cambridge University Press 2013) $80.50 hardcover $60.80 Kindle The Castle of Otranto is

free online


The misbehavior of the mega-banks continues apace. Wells Fargo Bank agreed to pay Freddie Mac $869 million for loans originated by Wells Fargo with borrowers, and later sold with misrepresentations by Wells Fargo to Freddie Mac. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation FHLMC a/k/a Freddie Mac Ouch. Citi Bank $395 million and Bank of America $10.3 billion previously this year paid huge sums for their sales with misrepresentations to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Federal National Mortgage Association FNMA a/k/a Fannie Mae . Misrepresentations means lying and falsification of documentation in case anyone might be misled by what is being admitted to and paid for. The payments are a good thing because taxpayers are being saved from having to bailout these federal corporations, both of whom having in their careers had to be recapitalized by public credit.


Laura Lewis is a first-rate Lubbock artist and has an exhibition About Place: Paintings of Laura Lewis in the Christine DeVitt Exhibition Hall of LHUCA Louise Hopkins Underwood Center of the Arts October 4 – November 30, 2013 511 Avenue K Lubbock 79401.


At the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco CA October 4-6 former Lubbock musicians compete against each other in the same time slot on Saturday evening. Natalie Maines is on the Star Stage from 5:45 – 7:00 p.m. while the Flatlanders Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock perform on the Arrow Stage 5:35 – 7:00 p.m. This is a free annual public event held at Hellman Hollow in the Lindley & Marx Meadows within Golden Gate Park off John F Kennedy Drive.


Not eaten in any Shallowater Texas restaurant? Downtown Diner 611 Avenue G phone 832-4497, Mustang Cafe 703 Avenue F phone 404-6110, B-Man’s BBQ 5311 North County Road 1700 phone 831-7893 are choices. Latter is between Lubbock and Shallowater at Clovis Highway and North Frankford Avenue travel northwest on Clovis Highway another 6/10 of a mile, then turn west onto FM 2641 for 5/10 of a mile, then turn south on North County Road 1700 for 150 feet to restaurant trailer on right or west side of road. Lunch Tue-Sat Dinner Thu-Sat brisket, chopped beef, pulled pork, sausage, stuffed jalapenos, very fine barbeque. Caveat: Just checked and both Downtown Diner and Mustang Café are now closed.

A former Levelland restaurant Mean Woman Grill has announced that it will reopen on the south frontage road of Marsha Sharp Freeway between University Avenue and Avenue Q. If you enjoyed the antics of Miz Ayn Bowron and Michelle Denham including mouth-watering grub served with style at a former gasoline service station in Levelland, you will want to be on hand for the next iteration of Mean Woman Grill 2103 Marsha Sharp Freeway Lubbock TX 79415 hours 11:00 am – 10:00 pm opening date probably in November or later never rush a burger.


Major League Baseball: the Post-Season ………. American League Boston (east) Detroit (central) Oakland (west). Cleveland and Tampa Bay compete October 2 to establish the fourth team which plays Boston in series playoffs. Tampa Bay won 4-0

Boston v. Tampa Bay: Boston won 12-2 at Fenway

Oakland v. Detroit: Detroit won 3-2 at Oakland

National League Atlanta (east) St Louis (central) Los Angeles Dodgers (west) Pittsburgh def Cincinnati to become the fourth team

St Louis v. Pittsburgh  : Cards won game 9-1 in Busch Stadium, Pittsburgh won 7-1 [1-1]

Atlanta v. Los Angeles Dodgers: Dodgers won 6-1 at Turner Field,  Atlanta won 4-3 [1-1]


Airport Public Art in the Wall Street Journal. While you can’t as a non-subscriber read the article, you can see nine images of airport art.


Youth Orchestras of Lubbock Fall Concert is at Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Theatre 4:00  – 5:30 pm Sunday October 6, 2013. It’s free. Please support budding classical musicians

Prelude Strings Orchestra directed by Kathleen Smith

Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Laurie Williams

Symphony Orchestra directed by Dr. Bruce Wood, Associate Professor School of Music

Concerto Competition Thursday November 21 Spring Concert March 9, 2014 Chamber Music May 2014 are later events.

————————- Tracy Zwick, Desert Showdown: Artists’ Texas Projects in Peril, Art in America, September 30, 2013 referring to Richard Phillips, Playboy Marfa (2013) and Elmgreen and Dragset, Prada Marfa (2005) ———— sustainable art installations or illegal outdoor roadside advertising? Texas Department of Transportation is considering.


Arcadia Publishing Company publishes its Images of America series. Three books pertain to the South Plains


TED Ideas Worth Spreading is a place where many have gone to watch short videos on new ideas. Registration and watching is free. TED Technology Entertainment and Design has national and regional conferences and creates or adopts many videos, but it also encourages local communities to do their own conferences and make their own videos addressing local issues. In Lubbock there are now two local organizations: TEDxLubbock and TEDxTexasTechUniversity.

The former held three meetings, organizational June 27, 2012 at J&B Coffee, and September 29 and October 3 at LHUCA Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts Firehouse Theatre at 511 Avenue K with invited speakers on local issues and an opportunity for attendees to comment and interact. Publicity and welcome to the public was poor.

Imagine Lubbock Together sent a delegation to the last meeting. Here is the list of speakers

Go to the website Register with your name, e-mail address and a password. Login and go to the banner at top and click on TEDx Events. Enter the word Lubbock. Click on TEDxLubbock. Attendance is free for these meetings.

Another entry point is Facebook

The next meeting of TEDxTexasTechUniversity is Saturday February 8, 2014 at the Lanier Professional Center within the School of Law on campus. Organizers are Tim Hayes TTUHSC School of Medicine Dean’s Office , Ron Banister TTUHSC professor of anesthesiology, Kellilynn Frias TTU professor of marketing in Rawls College of Business Administration, and others.

TEDx videos are not all science or technical. Here is a Rotterdam Holland eleven minute ballet with chimes and this is a subtle reminder that you can watch TED videos at You Tube and other venues if you wish.


Arts History Update for just before mid October 2013

1 Oct

Arts History Update for just before mid October 2013 by David Cummins


Granville W. Carter, West Texas Pioneer Family (1971) at 13th Street and Avenue Q in Lubbock is a bronze statuary. Jack Payne, first president of American State Bank, wanted to honor pioneer families with this statuary. It was stated as a tribute to those who settled in West Texas between 1890 and 1910. It is on the bank’s immaculately cared for grounds. American State was taken over by Prosperity Bank in 2012.


In the father’s hand is a hoe, in the mother’s a Bible, and in the boy’s a rope.




A really old and remarkably fresh courthouse is Presidio County Courthouse in Marfa Texas erected in1886 to a design by Alfred Giles, San Antonio architect. It is a Second Empire style building and was recently renovated. I visited this courthouse last year and it is stunning.




University Medical Center UMC opened the J.T. and Margaret Talkington Supportive Care Unit that is a palliative care unit for terminal patients. It is located on the third floor of West Tower at UMC. For further information phone Eric Finley 806-775-8644. Tommie Farrell, M.D. palliative care physician is the director of the Unit.




Kenneth D. Pirtle, Sentinel of the Canyon (2009) is a mosaic of ¾ inch glass tiles installed at Amarillo Botanical Gardens, an $18,000 commission. Pirtle is a Texas Tech University 1971 graduate who became department chair of visual studies at Amarillo College.


Here is a painted mural in Silverton Texas of that same Canyon and some murals in town of places of business that once were bustling. The Briscoe County Jail, built of stone in the 19th century, is now Old Jail Museum in Silverton. Silverton is southeast of Lake Mackenzie reservoir [on Tule Creek] named for Ranald Mackenzie US Army who led the troops that ended the Comanche domination in the area in 1875. Traveling farther east into the Canyon one reaches the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River, entering the lost domain of the Comanche.




Walter De Maria, The Lightning Field (1977) is a permanent art installation in western central New Mexico owned and operated by Dia Art Foundation. It consists of 400 polished stainless steel poles twenty feet high composing a horizontal plane on a plain.


It is not far from the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array that is a radio astronomy laboratory and some folks have confused science and art. Very Large Array tours are available on the first Saturday of each month It is 50 miles west of Socorro New Mexico on US Highway 60 then south on NM Highway 52.


The Lightning Field is a 45 minute drive by Dia Foundation staff from Quemado New Mexico which is reached by traveling west on Interstate Highway 40 from Albuquerque 70 miles, then south on NM Highway 117 another 78 miles to Quemado. An overnight stay for up to ten people is possible by pre-arrangement with Dia Art Foundation. Quemado is about twenty miles from the Arizona border.


Patrick Marold, The Windmill Project (2007) in Gore Valley, Vail, Colorado is at the base of a mountain and consists of 1,000 minimal power generating slender contemporary windmills, each about eight feet tall. Each is wired to transmit generated power to a light on the pole. The light and windmill display is particularly stimulating at dusk when the structures are still visible but light patterns are already interacting with the waning natural light and the windmill poles sway in the wind. The illusion of an unstable mass mystifies the viewer.


Confusing art and science is expected when science creates, for an entirely different reason, a project in nature that has high aesthetic value. Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in California’s Mohave Desert close to the Nevada border, will be fully launched this Fall. As we look at the desert expanse we see thousands of heliostat structures that do not collect solar heat but act like a mirror in deflecting it toward a target, one of many [in this case three] high platform boilers whose water is heated rapidly and its steam turns the turbine generators of electricity. 140,000 California homes will have their power supplied by this project. Large scale solar collection thermal energy is now cost efficient and of course reduces the fossil fuels energy source problems that have caused global climate change. If you watch the thirteen photos in this light-box you can begin to see a land art installation that carries high aesthetic values.


Did you realize this was possible? Germans understood it first and if you travel through that country you will see many hillsides covered with solar panels and inside towns and villages you will see many roofs covered with solar panels far in excess of energy needs for folks working or living within that structure. The transforming vehicle is the German law that requires power companies to purchase off-grid supplied power at rates that return a profit to investors who create companies to rent the roofs of Germans and install solar collectors and then install a short supply connection to the power companies’ lines connected to electricity storage facilities. These same investors rent hillsides from German farmers and other landowners. German power companies cried foul but German legislators saw a better future for everybody and went ahead. Now even the power companies are happy. Would that we had forward-thinking legislators in Austin and Washington DC.


Ivanpah California is close to Interstate Highway 15 and about 40 miles from Las Vegas Nevada. Not far to the west of Ivanpah is Fort Irwin US Army National Training Center. Back in the day ….. FDR established Mojave Anti-Aircraft Range here in 1940 and in 1942 it became Camp Irwin. In 1951 during the Korean War it became Camp Irwin Armored Combat Training Area. A decade later it became Fort Irwin and in 1981 it became Fort Irwin National Training Center. Many troops

in recent years came to this desert post for training prior to deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.


Yes, Mohave and Mojave are spelled in its two different iterations. Probably Mohave is closer to the Indian tribe’s etymology but even that’s debatable. Take your choice.




When in Greece I toured the Acropolis and its focal point, the Parthenon, noting its small interior due to limitations on structural support for post and lintel building standards of the day. Translation: there are two interior walls of columns that shrink the interior space of the Parthenon outer shell. What strikes the visitor is the absence of the statue of Athena, patron goddess of Athens. The entire purpose of the Parthenon was to contain that statue and for the people of Athens to approach her likeness and make propitiation.

A road trip to Nashville Tennessee and Centennial Park can rectify that. Alan LeQuire, Athena Parthenos (2002) is forty-two feet high gypsum cement gilded with gold paint. The commission for the piece was $180,000. LeQuire is equally well known for his Tennessee Women’s Suffrage Memorial (2006) in Knoxville


Andy Wilkinson, Quanah Parker: The Road Man (2013) original play premiers at Buffalo Gap Village south of Abilene Texas on October 5 but the playwright muses about staging it soon at either The Underwood Center for the Arts or Cactus Theater in Lubbock. He has two previous plays Charlie Goodnight’s Last Night and My Cowboy’s Gift The setting for the one man play is Quanah Parker’s Star House at Cache Oklahoma in 1892, the historical setting for a series of photographs made of Parker there. Michael Horse, actor, plays Parker. The themes within the play and the photographs that are used, depict Parker’s role as son of a white woman, Parker’s role as US Army designated Chief of all southern Comanche, and Parker’s role as founder of the Native American Church.




Sign up day for Affordable Health Care Act health insurance begins October 1 for coverage to begin January 1, 2014. In Summer 2012 the United States Supreme Court ruled that states’ participation in the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid to people with income up to 138% of the fixed poverty level [$15,856 for an individual and $32,499 for a family of four] was optional. 25 states and Washington DC are expanding and 25 states including Texas are not expanding [or haven’t made a decision which is equivalent to not expanding]. Texas, a populous state, is first in the nation in the most children and single parents without health insurance. By deciding not to expand, Texas assures that it will remain in first place. One quarter of all Texas children are without health insurance and some of the illnesses and disabilities they suffer without treatment will stay with them for a lifetime. This is a cruel sentence imposed by politicians on vulnerable children. To underscore Texas politicians’ commitment against health care for poor people, Texas withdrew from the Federal Medicaid program and created its own state-wide Medicaid program with lesser enrollments and coverages and lesser pay scales for providers of health care services. Here is the website Ninety percent of those bills are paid to the State Medicaid office by the federal government and that will continue until the federal government is in a position to set up and run its own federal Medicaid program in Texas, probably four years down the road if ever. In the meantime Texas politicians have assured us that whatever happens in other states, Texas poor people will not be insured or receive the national standard of health care either pre-2014 or post-2013.


National polls tell us 70% of the public want Medicaid expansion. Presumably an even higher number would reject the Texas reduction of Medicaid coverage. In a democracy we expect politicians to follow the wishes of an overwhelming percentage of the public that is the electorate.


The Texas Medicaid pay scales for providers of health care services have caused many private providers to drop out of the program and not offer their services. Institutions like UMC and Tech Tech Physicians [public providers] and Covenant Health System [a private provider] have continued in the Texas Medicaid system but have loudly protested the lower pay scales and made it clear that if the payments are deferred or not made at all, they will withdraw their services. It’s only a matter of time before Texas Medicaid doesn’t pay its bills and providers withdraw in droves. The system is set up by politicians to fail, and it will. Three years ago, when the state treasury was strapped, bills weren’t paid and that cycle will return.


By Tuesday October 1 employers must issue employees a Notice to Employees of Coverage Options and employers who plan to cover employees must provide a Summary of Benefits Coverage. Employees should start a dialogue with their employers about this topic and not wait until December for last minute arrangements. Some employer provided plans may include a monetary sum to assist employees in shopping in marketplace exchanges for coverage.


People who already have health insurance should consult with their company and may wish to continue coverage. Low income insureds should learn about how to apply for a federal government subsidy toward partial payment of premiums. Confused perplexed or uncertain citizens should consult with a health insurance broker such as Sanford & Tatum Insurance Agency 6303 Indiana Avenue Lubbock 79413 phone 806-792-5564 or a person trained under the Affordable Care Act such as those at:

  1. La Paloma Aging and Disability Resource Center 4010 22nd Street Lubbock 79410 phone 806-740-1500
  2. Community Health Center of Lubbock 1318 Broadway Street Lubbock 79401 phone 806-765-2611 or
  3. Larry Combest Community Health and Wellness Center 301 40th Street Lubbock 79404 phone 806-743-9355

Here again, don’t wait until December for last minute arrangements.




Fall arrived and Floydada is the Pumpkin Capital of Texas. What are you ingesting?


  1. Pumpkin beer [ales and lagers]
  2. Pumpkin spice chocolates
  3. Pumpkin spice coffee
  4. Pumpkin bread
  5. Pumpkin waffles and pancakes
  6. Pumpkin milkshakes and malts
  7. Pumpkin smoothie
  8. Pumpkin macaroons, and other cookies
  9. Pumpkin ice cream
  10. Pumpkin cream cheese
  11. Pumpkin potato chips
  12. Pumpkin pie yogurt
  13. Pumpkin buttery spread
  14. Pumpkin donuts
  15. Pumpkin cheesecake
  16. Pumpkin pie – rent a grandmother if you don’t have one nearby, her pie is the best