Arts History Update for just past early October 2013

25 Sep

Arts History Update for just past early October 2013 by David Cummins


Ed Ruscha 1937 – today see also Five Views From the Panhandle, 1962 – 2007 The bottom right photograph is of the Conoco Tower gasoline service station in Shamrock Texas. The building also included the U-Drop Inn Restaurant. Located at the intersection of Route 66 and US Highway 83 it opened in 1936 designed by architect J.C. Berry of Pampa Texas using the art deco style so popular then. Today the building is owned by the City of Shamrock, renovated in 2005, and is occupied by a museum, visitors center, gift shop and Shamrock Chamber of Commerce. The other museum in town is Pioneer West Museum at 2nd and Madden Streets in the former two storey Reynolds Hotel (1925). St. Michael’s & All Angels Episcopal Church, a wood frame church at 300 South Madden Street, is 100 years old.




Lisa Moore, The Farthest Shore, Azure Magazine September 2013 notices that architect Todd Saunders built the ultimate escape on Fogo Island, an inn that celebrates Newfoundland’s raw beauty. The seaside restaurant features new Newfoundland cuisine, based on fresh-caught fish and locally foraged vegetables and berries prepared by chef Murray McDonald here is his website yes he’s Canadian but based in Norway. And here is the five star Fogo Island Inn completed 2013 Here is how one gets to Fogo Island Commercial air will take one to Newfoundland at either St. John’s, Gander or Deer Park. From there either take a charter plane to Fogo Island or take the 45 minute Ferry to Fogo Island.




Oracle Team USA won two races September 19 and 20 so has now won five races to Team New Zealand’s eight. The point score is 8-3 because Team USA is penalized two points for an infraction a year ago. The 72 foot catamarans racing in San Francisco Bay are gorgeous to watch. The first team to nine points wins the America’s Cup Challenge so Team New Zealand needs to win only one more race. Team USA must win six straight races in order to defend the Challenge. Saturday September 21 race was postponed to Sunday September 22 due to poor wind conditions. Team USA won on Sunday and again on Monday September 23 so each team has won eight races but the score is 8-6 in favor of New Zealand due to the two point penalty against Team USA. Larry Ellison’s crew has now won five straight races to make this Challenge thrilling. Something in my gut tells me that Tuesday September 24 will be the last race, a Team New Zealand victory. My gut was wrong. Two races were run Tuesday September 24 and Oracle Team USA won both, so it has won ten races and Team New Zealand has won eight races and the teams are tied in points 8-8. The winner of a single race on Wednesday September 25, 2013 wins the America’s Cup Challenge. and that winner is Oracle Team USA winner of eight consecutive races and 11 overall to Team New Zealand’s eight wins.


This means that the next Challenge will be in the location that Larry Ellison and his team choose, somewhere in the United States, and that teams from many countries will compete to yield one team that will then compete with Oracle Team USA in a best of seventeen races format.




Sunday October 13, 2013 is Visions of Art 3:00 – 6:00 pm at Lake Ransom Canyon $10 for a tour of Lawson Rock House (2009) designed and built by the late Robert Bruno, sometimes called Lawson Castle, followed by an exhibition in the Ransom Canyon Ranch House by ten Canyon artists.,_TX_IMG_0162.JPG The Lawson Rock House is just yards away from the Steel House that Bruno also designed and built.


For more information call Carla Temple 806-829-2132 or Joyce Runyan 806-829-2512




Abstract art and minimalism are among my favorites. Became emotional when first seeing this piece Kate Shepherd, Circling Around Yellow, Bigmouth (2010) screenprint, all yellows on Coventry rag


Geometry is the language of space, as we know from astronomy, that can so adeptly be charted. Visualization of geometry removed from physical space still brings us back to space but now it is a metaphysical return. My soul is affected.




James Jones, From Here to Eternity (Scribner 1951 lightly censored by publisher) (Dial Press ed. 2012 with original language restored) Texas Tech Library PS3560.O49 F7 is one of those novels like War and Peace that few have actually read. It is 976 pages. This to my thinking is authorial conceit. If an author really cares about his/her audience the author doesn’t write even a 500 page novel. At 976 pages I always read about this novel but never seriously picked it up to read it. Besides, it was well known to have made vividly clear the brutality of the peacetime Army at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii and described barracks life. There was never anything new to me about that experience. I served four years as an enlisted member in the United States Army before taking a direct commission as an officer. In Norman Mailer’s essay Evaluations (1959) he praised Jones as the best of the current novelists and then proceeded to skewer all the rest. Mailer had a vicious tongue and no friends.


Still, one is inclined to forgive Jones 1921-1977 because, conceit or not, he lived what he wrote. He was in the Army at Schofield Barracks on December 7, 1941 when the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. He went on to serve valiantly in the Pacific theater of operations. He wrote a more mature book The Thin Red Line (1962) PS3560.O49 T4 about that experience. He also wrote Some Came Running (1957) and Whistle (1978 published posthumously) PS3560.O4 W57. The film From Here to Eternity (1953) directed by Fred Zinnemann, starred Montgomery Clift as Prewitt, Frank Sinatra as Maggio, Burt Lancaster as Sergeant Warden, Deborah Kerr as Karen Holmes, and Donna Reed as Lorene.



White Buffalo Days in Snyder Texas October 5-6 will be preceded by a Quanah Parker Trail arrow installation by Charles A. Smith, sculptor, on Friday October 4 at 3:30 p.m. at the courthouse Downtown Plaza 2503 College Avenue. On Saturday at 11:30 a.m. after the Parade ends, members of the Quanah Parker family will provide a traditional Comanche Blessing at the site.


Unaware of the legend of the White Buffalo? Here is a photo of the bronze white buffalo cow at Downtown Plaza




Exhibition The Age of Picasso and Matisse: Modern Masters from The Art Institute of Chicago is at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth Sunday October 6 – February 16, 2014 $18 The day prior on Saturday October 5 at 10:00 – 12:30 p.m. is a free series of talks to introduce the exhibit. Kimbell members who appear by 9:40 a.m. will be seated first.






Have you admired the windmill in front of City Bank at Indiana Avenue and 50th Street, southeast corner? Restored and rebuilt in essential details it is a windmill from the farm/ranch of John Keithly Caraway, the Skillet Ranch. A mulberry tree was planted near the windmill in 1892. The Ranch was five miles from Lubbock in those days but in 1984 a portion of land at 50th  Street and Indiana Avenue on the southwest corner was still owned by a Caraway family member and the mulberry tree and windmill were still resident there. Most of that corner was the Winchester Square Shopping Center including a movie theater, the Winchester. The last Caraway owner sold the land in 1984, and the mulberry tree became diseased and was cut down at age 104 years in the year 1996. The windmill was meticulously removed and replaced across Indiana Avenue onto the City Bank lot. It reminds us of early ranching in the South Plains.


John Keithly Caraway’s grandson John K. Caraway died age 93 on December 15, 2011. He had a career as a postal letter carrier. He spoke at Market Street’s coffee shop about growing up on the ranch and saw the windmill and mulberry tree every day.


Here is a watercolor painting of the historic windmill by Tim Oliver and another and another










































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