Arts History Update for late September 2013

14 Sep

Arts History Update for late September 2013 by David Cummins

Khan Academy is a section 501(c)(3) non-profit entity that offers educational materials, videos and resources online free to anyone who asks, teachers students and others. Its art history offerings begin here and I accessed the contemporary art division that sensibly described minimalism and pop art, explaining why those themes blurred the line distinguishing fine art from more ordinary aspects of life like commercial activity. This invites the reader/viewer to reconsider the place and purpose of art in the world. The reason that these are post-modernism movements is that in modernism each phase was a new style or used new materials or used existing materials differently than before.

The subdivisions of Contemporary Art include the Postwar Figure, Pop & After, Minimalism and the Land, Process Art, Conceptual Art, and an overview of Post-Modernism. Founder is Salman Khan in 2006. Site has financial backing from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and other large donors. There are 4,300 videos available at the website or at You Tube.

For college level educational resources OpenCourseWare by MIT is another free educational resources website. Course 4.661 is Theory and Method in the Study of Architecture and Art. Harvard and other premier universities have joined in a consortium to provide materials on its curriculum.


Mary Ann “Molly” Dyer Goodnight Day, proclaimed by the Texas legislature, is Thursday September 12, 2013. She worked hard to preserve a few remaining bison, and those ultimately became the Official State Bison Herd of Texas, some of which are pastured at the Goodnight Historical Center Goodnight Texas, Armstrong County, U.S. Highway 287 twelve miles east of Claude on the south side of the highway. There is a bronze statuary of Molly feeding a bison calf. Pioneer Woman Feeding Bison Calf (2012) by Veryl Goodnight The Goodnight Historical Center consists of the restored 1887 Charles and Molly Goodnight House and the J. Evetts Haley Visitor & Education Center. There is on site a Quanah Parker Trail arrow sculpture by Charles Smith commemorating the lifelong friendship between Goodnight and Parker. goodnightlegacy/

The film Old Texas (1916) was shot on the JA Ranch including many Kiowa and Comanche who returned from the reservation to wear dated clothing and use dated gear to re-enact Kiowa and Comanche life on the plains before conflict with Anglos. Silent film with English subtitles 30 minutes, DVD remastered (2004) by Lindley-Ochander International Television. Goodnight left his management partnership of the JA Ranch [John Adair ] in 1888 three years after Adair’s death and opened his own Goodnight Ranch at the site of Goodnight east of Claude.

Mary Ann “Molly” Dyer Goodnight 1839 – 1926. The birthday party at 2:30 p.m. is free. Tours of the Center are $7 adults $3 children. Contact for more information is Tom Novak executive director Armstrong County Museum e-mail or phone 806- 226-2187.

West Texas TravelHost Magazine can be read online at It includes information about the Goodnight Historical Center.


Historic hotels in West Texas would include the two story Orient Hotel (1904) in Pecos Texas. The Hotel and No. 11 Saloon were restored and reopened in 1963 as the West of the Pecos Museum

Bluebonnet Hotel (1927) in Sweetwater was seven stories, closed in 1967 and razed in 1970.

Crosbyton Inn (1908 expanded 1926) was no longer a hotel during World War II and became the Lamar Building and is now the Prairie Ladies Multi-Cultural Center after a 2006 restoration. The current Smith House B&B in Crosbyton was a rooming house in 1920 when it first opened.

The Commercial Hotel (1913) in Floydada two stories and 21 rooms was built by William P. Daily and renamed Lamplighter Inn in 1964 but is not now open for business.

The Cottle Hotel (1930) in Paducah three stories, is boarded up and out of operation.

The Simpson Hotel (1916) in Seagraves is now operated as The Simpson Inn at 302 Main Street.

Hotel Settles (1930) in Big Spring closed in 1974 but was recently renovated and reopened in 2012.

Baker Hotel (1929) in Mineral Wells had 14 stories and a third floor health spa for taking the famous mineral waters. It had 450 rooms. Closed 1963, re-opened 1965, finally closed 1972. Plans to spend $54 million to renovate and re-open are still plans.,_Texas)

Yates Hotel (1929) in Rankin was an oil boom three story hotel closely followed by Harlan Hotel (1930) now razed. Yates Hotel has been re-purposed as Rankin Museum.

Reynolds Hotel (1925) in Shamrock, two stories, is re-purposed as Pioneer West Museum

Herring Hotel (1926) in Amarillo at 311 S.E. Third Avenue at Pierce Street is 14 stories and been shuttered for thirty years. Plans for renovation and restoration are hazy.

Lubbock Hotel (1925 six stories, added another six stories 1929) renamed Pioneer Hotel later Pioneer Retirement Hotel is now being renovated by McDougal Companies as Pioneer Hotel Condominiums.

Hilton Hotel (1929) in Plainview is eight stories, shuttered since 1975 and

Hilton Hotel (1928) in San Angelo is 14 stories, renamed Cactus Hotel, is now an event center but not a hotel

Gateway Hotel (remodeled 1929) four stories in El Paso was open until it was ordered closed in 2011 by a federal judge sentencing its owner Song U. Chon to 15 years jail time for smuggling, money laundering, tax fraud, harboring illegal aliens, etc. Architect at least for the remodeling was Henry C. Trost of El Paso.

Hotel Paso del Norte (1912) in El Paso architect Henry C. Trost. Seventeen story addition on north side in 1986 so it now has 359 rooms. Remodeled in 2004 and re-opened as Camino Real Hotel El Paso. five star hotel

Hotel El Capitan (1930) in Van Horn has 52 rooms, dining Room and Gopher Hole Bar, and conference room. Converted in 1970s to Van Horn State Bank but purchased in 2007 by Lanna and Joe Duncan of Fort Davis and restored into a hotel with same management as El Paisano Hotel. Architect Henry C. Trost same floor plan as

El Paisano Hotel (1930) in Marfa. Architect Henry C. Trost. I stayed here and enjoyed it.

Holland Hotel (1928) in Alpine. Architect Henry C. Trost.

Gage Hotel (1927) in Marathon. Architect Henry C. Trost.

Gholson Hotel in Ranger is now an apartment complex,_Ranger,_TX_IMG_6454.JPG

Hotel Turkey (1927) in Turkey and Hotel Garza (1915) in Post are two story hotels operated as B&Bs.

Van Horn Residential Hotel (1938) in Odessa morphed into Mellie’s Historic Inn due to a 1996 renovation and has 16 guest rooms. Mellie Lasseter Van Horn is the namesake.

Hotel Matador (1915) in Matador is now operated as a B&B Inn with nine rooms by sisters Linda Roy, Caron Perkins and Marilynn Hicks. 1115 Main Street phone 806-347-2939 82 miles northeast of Lubbock in the rolling plains close to the his

toric Matador Ranch.

Historic Hotels of America


Esther J. Cepeda is a syndicated columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group and her column Minutemen of Arizona Long for America’s Past, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, September 7, 2013 caught my attention. Her website is Minutemen privately provide armed men to assist in interdicting border crossings in Arizona.

She mentioned a book by Harel Shapira, Waiting for Jose: the Minutemen’s Pursuit of America (Princeton University Press 2013) Texas Tech Library electronic book # 1400846764 $19.78 hardcover $15.37 Kindle. She described the Minutemen’s longing for a hard-working, striving, civic engagement, cooperative culture “long past now” without noticing that the very people who immigrate are exactly those kind of people. The only difference is their ethnicity. Why don’t Minuteman notice what happens to immigrants who have to live “underground” off the grid at sub-standard wages, and instead of hunting them at the border, bring them out of the shadows and let them be the very people Minutemen admire? Of course if it really is a racist activity then I’m wasting breath and ink.

Free or reduced price meals at public schools are now funded at the $3.4 billion level since by 2014 all school districts that have 40% or more qualified [low income family] children, will be eligible for all children in the district to receive free or reduced price meals funded by US Dept of Agriculture Food & Nutrition Service. This expansion is in force now for ten states and will be available everywhere in July 2014 Boston schools are participating since 76% of those children qualify for free or reduced price meals. Parents will like the new system because a parent can choose to supply the meal or let the school supply the meal on any given day. Lubbock ISD is reported to have 73% – 75% of children on free meals so this program will be in force in Lubbock for school year 2014-2015


Texas Biennial 2013: An Independent Survey of Contemporary Art in Texas September 5 – November 9 is located at Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum in San Antonio. Texas Tech professor of art Will Cannings has Kink (2008) a blue painted inflated steel sculpture in the show. Zach Nader, a Texas Tech School of Art graduate, has entered The New West Texas Sky Project.


Leon Kossoff: London Landscapes exhibition May 8 – July 6, 2013 at Annely Juda Fine Art travels to Paris, New York

City, and Los Angeles. The aged expressionist painter is 87. In NYC at Mitchell-Innes and Nash November 7 – December 21 at 534 W. 26th Street

The catalogue for a 1995 exhibition Leon Kossoff: Recent Paintings is at Texas Tech Library OVERSZ ND497.K66 A4. and

The British are driven to underscoring class distinctions. Kossoff served in World War II in a British unit comprised of Jews. He was born in England to expatriate Russian Jews.


Ben Davis, 9.5 Theses on Art and Class (Haymarket Books 2013) critical essays on art and art theory addressed to contemporary art $11.50 paperback $9.90 Kindle, ABE Books new $12.41 incl s&h


Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio is slated to open in Fall 2014 a $203 million project of which $43 million is committed. It would include HEB Performance Hall 1,750 seats, Studio Theatre 250 seats, River Walk Event Plaza, and residency space for arts organizations.


Phyllis Lambert, Building Seagram (Yale University Press 2013) Lambert is the daughter of Seagram [Canadian Distillery] founder Samuel Bronfman. Architects were Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson for the 1958 building at 375 Park Avenue between E. 52nd and 53rd Streets. The Seagram Building is notable as one of the most important buildings in America.


It is accurately estimated that only one percent of French citizens actively resisted the Nazi occupiers in France during World War II. The rest accommodated their lives to the reality. It should be said that active complicity with De Gaulle and the Free French headquartered in London was dangerous.

Matthew Cobb, The Resistance: The French Fight Against the Nazis (Simon & Schuster 2009) ABE Books new $31.13

Matthew Cobb, Eleven Days in August: The Liberation of Paris in 1944 (Simon & Schuster 2013) ABE Books new $28.97

Olivier Wieviorka, Histoire de la Resistance (Perrin 2013 in French)

The sad reality is that many French who were a part of the Vichy, claimed after the war ended not to have been, many who collaborated with the Vichy claimed not to have done so, and many who did not resist claimed to have resisted. Historians are now rewriting the period and demanding evidence. The Cobb books are by a historian based on evidence.


Jean-Claude Izzo died age 54 in 2000 but not before writing Total Chaos (1995, transl. Howard Curtis, Europa 2005), Chourmo (1996, transl. 2006) and Solea (1998, transl. 2007) collectively known as the Marseilles Trilogy neo-noir crime novels translated into English posthumously. He has become something of a cult figure. A collection of his mini-essays is now published Garlic, Mint, and Sweet Basil: Essays on Marseilles, the Mediterranean, and Noir Fiction (transl. Howard Curtis, Europa 2013) ABE very good condition $8.81

Total Chaos ABE good condition $3.97 incl s&, Chourma ABE good $4.98, Solea ABE good $5.94

I haven’t read the trilogy. I read The Lost Sailors (1997 transl. Howard Curtis, Europa 2007) a story of a contract for hire crew on a contract for hire small freighter ship that plies the Mediterranean. The crew had been hired on at various points in time and locations, representing various ethnicities, languages and experiential backgrounds. Essentially they are adrift humans whose job is to render the ship moveable beyond its mechanical ability to do so. The sailors make port but are never at home, least of all when near their former residences from which they initially sailed. Both the captain and his sailors are willing to seize the next lucrative opportunity and are not risk averse when an illegal opportunity arises. The captain neither owns the ship nor, except occasionally, manages its itineraries.

Izzo was born in Marseilles, a French citizen at birth, but his father was an Italian in France and his mother a Spaniard in France. For social purposes Izzo was classified as an immigrant and when his primary/secondary schooling was concluded he was not allowed into a humanities or writing program but was forced into a mechanical tradesman training program. He was bitter about this his whole life, a lost sailor himself.


Lubbock Regional Public Safety Memorial (2013) will be dedicated Wednesday September 11, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. Leroy Elmore Park 6601 Quaker Avenue. It is also a 9/11 anniversary and first responders in the area will gather for the event. Garland Weeks statuary is in place. Another observance of 9/11 is the American Tribute Field of Flags at Miller Park south of Loop 289 at 74th Street west of Indiana Avenue. 800 American flags will fly and buglers will play taps at 7:46 8:03 8:13 and 9:10 p.m.


Andrew Butler Statues and Sculptures in Texas photo gallery 42 pages Cities such as San Angelo and Salado have many pieces of statuary.


Texas Book Festival is October 26-27, 2013 on and near State Capitol, Austin Texas. 225 authors will attend including best-selling book authors.


The Contemporary Austin at its 12 acre Lake Austin estate Laguna Gloria 3809 West 35th Street including villa, meadow grounds and waterfront was just granted $9 million from the Edward and Betty Marcus Foundation of Dallas. The grant is to commission site specific permanent installations that will make The Contemporary Austin a major outdoor-indoor space.

Contemporary Austin also operates Jones Center in downtown at 700 Congress Avenue Austin Texas.–9-million-grant#.UjJTTkoo45s


Mexican War of Independence from Spain 1810 – 1821 started September 16, 1810 which ultimately became Mexican Independence Day. It is celebrated in Lubbock by the 26th annual Fiestas Patrias: Friday September 13 Chamber of Commerce Luncheon at Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Banquet Hall with speaker George P. Bush nephew of George W. Bush son of Jeb Bush former Governor of Florida , and Miss Hispanic Lubbock Pageant at Civic Center, and Saturday September 14 10:00 am Parade from First Baptist Church on Broadway Street east to downtown and then north to Civic Center.

Grito de Dolores, the Cry of Dolores, was uttered in the small town of Dolores by a priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla on September 16, 1810. It was a cry of independence from Spanish colonial rule. Four days later armed men in revolt laid siege to nearby Guanajuato where colonial authorities were gathered. Here is a sculpture in Mexico and another in Texas by Jesus Contreras, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (1941) bronze in San Antonio!i=1684320258&k=L9FDw9K

To my knowledge this was the first “liberation theology” practiced in Latin America. As it became common in the second half of the 20th century the papacy objected and counseled for another approach to those issues.


Tablet computers

Microsoft produces Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows 8 Pro tablet computers. On September 23 it will launch Surface RT version 2 and Surface Pro version 2 with faster processors, and through late October will offer a minimum $200 trade-in for all iPad tablets. Will the top of the line Surface Pro 2 be as good as the latest version iPad? Surface Pro wasn’t. What should we make of this promotion not being available online but only at Microsoft bricks and mortar stores nationwide?

Even if Microsoft has improved its Windows 8 operating system software, has it improved it enough to be as nimble as the latest versions of Android and iOS? And has it synchronized its applications software with its operating system software for ease of user interface? It hadn’t as recently as twelve months ago. If Microsoft again rolls out new products that are inferior, it will kill its own brand.

It will also make us realize that its management misunderstands the markets into which it is selling.



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