Arts History Update for still later August 2013

15 Aug

Arts History Update for still later August 2013 by David Cummins


Stephen / Stefan Kramar 1921 – 2013 was an Amarillo artist with a national reputation He was a commercial illustrator from 1946 before departing in 1971 for fine art painting, mostly watercolors. Here is Ready Kilowatt harnessing the power of hundreds of horses a mural for Southwestern Public Service Company a division of Xcel Energy in the late 1940s. He won numerous awards for both his commercial art and for his fine art paintings, one of them a cover for Southwest Art Magazine. Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum put up an exhibition Stefan Kramar: A Retrospective in 2000. Michael Grauer, curator, wrote a tribute to Kramar in Accent West Amarillo Magazine August 2013 at pp. 30-34 is Kramar’s Ascension Thursday depicting Fray Juan de Padilla celebrating the Eucharist on the plains while accompanying the Coronado Expedition 1540-1542.


Stefan Kramar’s Panhandle Portrait, Paintings and Drawings by Stefan Kramar (Pemberton Press 1974) is a book in the Texas Tech Library Southwest Collection TEX 68 K89 S816




The Washington Post newspaper is being sold to Jeff Bezos founder and CEO of who will take it private, unaffiliated with, and operate it with deep pockets so it has a chance to become a national newspaper of record again like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. The Graham family ownership of this major newspaper is thus ended. Many will take this opportunity to write a history of the rise and decline of a great American newspaper, but I am more interested in what revitalization Mr. Bezos has in his golden chest. An analogy might be the railroads who thought they were in the railroad business when in fact they were transportation companies. What if the Post management decided it wasn’t a newspaper but a transmission of usable current information company? What are myriad ways of creating, collecting and distributing that type of information to a wide variety of audiences?




Barbad Golshiri is a young Iranian artist specializing in photography and sculpture. He will have a sculpture installation reception at a New York City cemetery titled Curriculum Mortis on September 7. This will likely be an artist’s political statement about the failure of the Iranian educational system. The name of the cemetery is not publicly announced. Some of his work is at the Saatchi Gallery.


In Brooklyn at Green-Wood Cemetery in the Summer there are scheduled outdoor concerts attended by thousands. Especially in densely inhabited cities, cemeteries can double as parks.




The restored J.I. Allison House on the south side of the Buddy Holly Center at 19th Street and Crickets Avenue is coming along and will be opened before long. Jerry Allison was Buddy Holly’s drummer, grew up in this home, and Buddy spent many hours at that home with his buddies The Crickets.  They wrote and made music there.




Public Art is a growing phenomenon in America that is rapidly rising to a cultural standard for communities. Public Art Archive is an online digital archive of more than 7000 pieces and is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, only Bruce Taylor’s 1992 seven aluminum colored poles standing in northwest Maxey Lake near 26th Street and Quaker Avenue is included as a digital item at the moment. It is Kinetic Wind Sculpture (1992) and described here


It could be a Lubbock Arts Alliance project to send in digital images of public art in Lubbock to Public Art Archive. And the Facilities Planning and Construction office at Texas Tech could contribute the digital archive of campus art.


Public access to high quality images of a wide digital database of significant art is key to dynamism in the art world. Futures Past: Thirty Years of Arts Computing (eds. Anna Bentkowska-Kafel et al., University of Chicago Press 2007) Texas Tech Library N72.T4 F88


ARTstor Digital Library is at and universities such as Texas Tech subscribe to this resource for the benefit of students, faculty and staff. That includes you since Texas Tech Library is a public library and you can become a patron simply by asking and gaining an eraider account.




Major Nadil Hasan’s military criminal trial for multiple murders is nearing a conclusion. Professor Richard Rosen of Texas Tech University School of Law was interviewed on National Public Radio’s The Brian Lehrer Show: Concerning the Fort Hood Trial, August 14, 2013 You may listen to this fourteen minute podcast. For those people who have questions about statutory criminal law as codified in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the unusual instance of a defendant in a capital case refusing legal representation by either chosen or appointed lawyers, and the court appointing those rejected counsel to be present and available to assist at any time the defendant may wish to consult them, the mandatory plea of not guilty for a capital offense, and the admission of Hasan in his opening statement that he was the shooter who caused the death or injury to numerous military personnel, the interview is instructive.












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