Arts History Update for late August 2013

4 Aug

Arts History Update for late August 2013 by David Cummins


Lafayette H. Bunnell, Discovery of the Yosemite and the Indian War of 1851 (Fleming H. Revell 1880, reissued 1892, reissued 1911) Texas Tech Southwest Collection Library SPL28 B9415 D611 Bunnell was the surgeon who went with the Mariposa Battalion militia into the Yosemite area to kill or pacify Indians [primarily Miwoks, Ahwanechees, Paiutes, Chowchillas and Monos] who had raided several Anglo settlements that had grown up since the 1846 and later gold discoveries. Here is a map of the Mariposa Indian War of 1850-1851 showing the discovery of the Yosemite Valley on March 27, 1851. In December 1850 James D. Savage’s trading post at Fresno Creek [headwaters of Fresno River] was attacked and destroyed by Indians. On January 11, 1851 Sheriff James Burney clashed with Indians indecisively. Governor of California John McDougal authorized a militia battalion on January 13, 1851 and appointed James D. Savage as major in command who mustered the unit on February 12. A federal Indian Commission met at Camp Fremont on Mariposa Creek with some tribes and negotiated a treaty on March 19, 1851 but the Miwok and Chowchilla were absent so the Mariposa Battalion militia went to the field. A foray was made from Bishop Camp eastward to the home of the Miwok and the Yosemite Valley was “discovered” on March 27, 1851. Miwok leaders were captured on May 22 and forced to accept reservation life and status. Warren A. Beck & Ynez D. Haase, Historical Atlas of California (University of Oklahoma Press 1974) ABE Books in good condition $14.50 incl s&h


Derek Hays, Historical Atlas of California with original maps (University of California Press 2007) Texas Tech Library reference Maps OVERSZ G1526.S1 H39

Warren A. Beck & David A. Williams, California: A History of the Golden State (Doubleday 1972) Texas Tech Library F861.B43


Merced population 80,232 is a city in the San Joaquin Valley in central California. Travel northeast on California Highway 140 through Mariposa to Yosemite National Park, about 80 miles to Yosemite Village. Mariposa population 2,173 is the county seat of Mariposa County, originally Arroyo de las Mariposas meaning stream or creek of butterflies. Mariposa was originally a gold mining camp, then called Logtown because it supplied logs for the construction of nearby mines and ore processing buildings. The history of the area is wondrous Arrive in Merced and board a bus of Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System YARTS that will take you to the town of Mariposa, once home for John C. Fremont, and then into Yosemite National Park. At Yosemite Valley you will connect with the free Yosemite National Park Service shuttles that will take you to Curry Village, Ahwanechee Hotel, Visitor Center and Yosemite Lodge. An alternative is Amtrak California Thruway Bus Route 15


University of California at Merced is the newest and tenth campus within the UC System, opening in 2005. see also,_Merced Merced is named for the Merced River which originally was El Rio de Nuestra de la Merced [River of Our Lady of Mercy].




Vietnam War Memorials


Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park (1968) Angel Fire New Mexico has a Chapel, Visitors Center, a Bell Iroquois UH-1 Huey helicopter, walkway to amphitheater, a bronze sculpture by Doug Scott titled Dear Mom and Dad (2003) , flag triad and garden. Initially the memorial was made by parents for the death of a particular son Lieutenant David Westphall in the War but then morphed into all veterans of that War. Ted C. Luna was the architect.


Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Frankfort Kentucky near the state capitol. Helm Roberts was the architect.


New York City Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza (1985, improved 2001) at 55 Water Street contains a Memorial Wall, Walk of Honor, Plaques, and Reflecting Fountain.


California Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1988) in Sacramento California includes bronzes by Rolf Kriken. As with all the memorials that list names, they are searchable in an archive


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall USA (1982) in Washington DC has inscribed the names of all service members who died in the Vietnam War. Architect is Maya Lin. The Three Servicemen (1984) bronze statuary by Frederick Hart and Vietnam Women’s Memorial (1993) bronze statuary by Glenna Goodacre are nearby.


Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument (2004) at Coronado Naval Base, San Diego California memorializes U.S. Navy and Coast Guardsmen who perished during the Vietnam War. A Wall with flags and three boats are the monument


After the Firefight (1987) bronze by Abbe Godwin is in Capitol Square in Raleigh North Carolina


Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument (2014) will be dedicated next year. The artist is Duke Sundt.


Vietnam War Memorial (2008) at Texas State Cemetery in Austin statuary with three soldiers


Lancaster Texas Memorial Public Library has marble and granite markings for the Vietnam War.


Texarkana Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1988)


Fort Worth Botanic Gardens has two memorials one for the War and another for POWs and MIAs. The first is Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry, 173rd Airborne Brigade in which a number of Fort Worth men served while in Vietnam.


Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1989) at Fair Park, Dallas Texas at 1001 1st Avenue near Parry Avenue. Five granite tablets of names and a waterfall sculpture are present. Good photos are here


Waco Vietnam War Memorial in Brazos River Park is extensive with pillars, monuments, a tree-lined walkway and Pavilion I The Beginning, Pavilion II The Conflict, and Pavilion III The Honor.


Vietnam Memorial of Big Spring Texas is on the grounds of the former Webb Air Force Base.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1986) in San Antonio Texas at Veterans Memorial Plaza. The bronze statuary is titled Hill 881 South by artist Austin Deuel. Edgewood Stadium’s Vietnam Memorial (1988) is at John F. Kennedy High School in San Antonio.


Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1994) is west of Midland International Airport on Wright Drive near Commemorative Air Museum.


National Vietnam War Museum at Mineral Wells Texas is a work in progress. Helicopter pilots were trained at nearby Fort Wolters in the 1960s.


Patrick Hagopian, The Vietnam War in American Memory: Veterans, Memorials, and the Politics of Healing (University of Massachusetts Press 2009) Texas Tech Library DS559.73.U6 H34


Wilbur J. Scott & John Sibley Butler, Vietnam Veterans Since the War: The Politics of PTSD, Agent Orange, and the National Memorial (University of Oklahoma Press 2004) Texas Tech Library DS559.73.U6 S26 $21.55 at


Many communities including Lubbock have a military memorial that includes all wars in which people served, specially recognizing those who died but also honoring those who served and survived. Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial (2003) is located at 4001 82nd Street at Nashville Avenue in the east end of Henry Huneke Park. It was a project of American Legion George S. Berry Post # 575 The architect is Jimmy Dirks of Cox-Dirks Architects. Willie McCool Memorial (2005) is a bronze statuary by Eddie Dixon that commemorates a Lubbock native who was an astronaut pilot and perished upon re-entry from space. It is located on the south side of Henry Huneke Park.




German Literature


Johann Paul Friedrich Richter 1763 – 1825 was the most popular German novelist of his day and wrote inspiring essays. He bridged Classicism and German Romanticism with feet firmly planted in both. He was known, as an author, by the name Jean Paul, a reference for his admiration of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and sympathy with the French Revolution that appalled so many Germans.


On the Benefits and Harm of Inventing New Truths (1780)

Exercise in Thought (1780)

Abelard and Heloise (1781) novel imitating Goethe’s Werther

The Life of the Cheerful Little Schoolmaster Maria Wutz (1791) story

The Invisible Lodge (1793) novel

Hesperus (1795) novel that brought celebrity and exceptional royalties

Flower, Fruit and Thorn Pieces: Or the married life, death and wedding of the advocate for the poor Siebenkas (1797)

Key to Fichte’s Philosophy (1800)

Titan: A Romance (1803)

The Twins or Walt and Vult (1804)

Introduction to Aesthetics (1804)

Levana: Or the doctrine of education (1807) treatise advocating the right of women to an education

Comet (1822) novel


German authors are rarely given to humor and Jean Paul remains the top humorist while being strong in philosophy and literary skills. As to philosophy he admired Kant as opposed to Hegel. Good choice.




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