Arts History Update for mid December 2012

6 Dec

Arts History Update for mid December 2012 by David Cummins


Lance Armstrong was stripped of all those Tour of France bicycle championships. Was it appropriate? Overdue? Could Lance have been blood-doping and steroid popping? The full story, if you haven’t found it in your local paper, is in David Runciman’s Everybody Gets Popped, London Review of Books, November 22, 2012 at pages 5-9


Who can we believe, now, after a testicular cancer survivor has lied to us so often as to be drenched in mendacity? And betrayed his friends when they didn’t play the rules violation “game” the way he wanted it played. It’s a gritty tough world out there. And we shouldn’t worry about his soul when his $125 million fortune is warming his heart. He achieved his primary goal and we are the rube.


We are now told on the sports pages that the Professional Baseball Hall of Fame will allow Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa to be on the ballot for induction. The authorized voters can choose to ignore or not ignore the repeated and flagrant rules violations of those people on their way into the record books. Fame and infamy are sisters, aren’t they?




During the annual Art Basel Miami Beach art fair December 6- 9, 2012 located at the Miami Beach Florida Convention Center, more than twenty satellite fairs or similar events, often unapproved or unwelcomed, have sprung up nearby in the Miami area.–Better-than-Art-Basel-M/60B1D4AE02CBED50 Here is a sampling of the best:


  1. Untitled Art Fair in a beachfont pavilion erected for the fair
  2. Overture Miami Contemporary Art Fair
  3. New Art Dealers Alliance NADA Art Fair
  4. PULSE Miami
  5. SCOPE Miami Beach
  6. Art Miami International Contemporary & Modern Art Fair its 23rd annual iteration, this was the fair in Miami before Art Basel arrived at Miami Beach.




Caprock Celtic Christmas is a distinctive annual event this year on Thursday December 13, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Texas Tech University Student Union Building Allen Theatre. General Admission adults$10.50, Tech students free, other students and seniors $4.50 at Select A Seat ticket outlets. Performances will be by Vernacular Music Center , Caprock Celtic Association , Roots Music Institute , Early Music Ensemble , Americana Ensemble with songs of the Southwest, Tech Irish Set-Dancers , Caprock Morris , and Celtic Ensemble . A joyful and musical Christmas season as it might have occurred in late medieval times by Celtic people on the western seacoasts and borders of Europe.


This event has been held in other venues in the past, but the houses have been overflowing so a larger venue, the Allen Theatre, is now the site. Enjoy.


This is the last School of Music offering for the calendar year. Westwinds Brass Band, a community group, will perform at Hemmle Recital Hall on campus Tuesday December 18 at 7:00 p.m. a free event.




The Winter solstice or nadir is Friday December 21 at 5:12 a.m. CST. At noon on that day the sun appears at its lowest altitude above the horizon. Another way to say it is, the arc of the sun relative to earth is at its most southerly point in the northern hemisphere on the Winter solstice. That arc will be at its most northerly point in the northern hemisphere on the Summer solstice or zenith, around June 21.




Carol Box forwarded to me and I pass on to you a You Tube Video/Audio of Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra h playing thrilling music in a performance at Radio City Music Hall in 2007 it’s nearly two hours in length so listen in portions when and as often as you like.


His website is with plenty of downloads available.




Gustave Caillebotte, The Floor Scrapers (1875) is a painting that did not please the Paris Salon jury who labeled it “vulgar” since it depicted three plain workingmen on their knees naked above the waist. We think it’s impressive because of the contrast between the differently proportioned upper bodies of the men, the ordered panels of wood flooring, and the light from the rear window that diffuses into part of the room. Here are 244 paintings by Caillebotte




Elizabeth Price won the $40,000 2012 Turner Prize for her video installation The Woolworths Choir of 1979. The Turner Prize is for the best exhibition in the United Kingdom in the last year. The fatal fire in a commercial store is contrasted with a female singing group in the film as archival footage is interwoven.




Here are photos of the new [2010] Repsol Headquarters Building in Madrid Spain. Stunning compositional architecture will make this building a landmark for the next half century.




CASETA Center for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art announces its 11th annual Symposium April 12-14, 2013 at The Witte Museum in San Antonio. The lineup of speakers includes Ron Tyler, Emily Neff, Shirly Reece-Hughes, Amy Fulkerson, Scott Grant Barker and Randy Tibbits along with curators Sue Canterbury, Deborah Fullerton and Judy Deaton. Lone Star Regionalism and Texas Modernism will be explored. As an adjunct activity, a number of galleries will display at a mini-art fair event free to CASETA members and Symposium registrants. The location is itself an attraction since The Witte Museum is recently restored and expanded, 3801 Broadway Street, San Antonio.


Current exhibitions of early art in the state include:


Texas Modernism: Origins November 8 – February 24, 2013 at Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum 605 Robert E. Lee Road, Austin


Artists on the Texas Frontier September 22 – May 27, 2013 at The Witte Museum, San Antonio


Texas Impressionism: Branding with Brushstroke & Color, 1885 – 1935 September 21 – January 12, 2013 at The Grace Museum, 102 Cypress Street, Abilene


Five books of interest are:


Rick Stewart, Lone Star Regionalism: The Dallas Nine and Their Circle, 1928 – 1945 (Olympic Marketiing Corp. 1985) $42.96 at paperback Texas Tech Southwest Collection Library TEX 38 D145 S 851


Dictionary of Texas Artists, 1800 – 1945 (West Texas A&M University Series) (Paula Grauer & Michael R. Grauer, compilers Texas A&M University Press 1999) Texas Tech Library N6530.T4 673 Lubbock Public Library 709.22764 G774D $34.95 at


John Powers & Deborah D. Powers, Texas Painters, Sculptors, and Graphic Artists: A Biographical Dictionary of Artists in Texas Before 1942 (Woodmont Books 2000) $125 at Tech Library N6530.T4 P69


William Keyse Rudolph, Julian Onderdonk: American Impressionist (Dallas Museum of Art 2008) Tech Southwest Collection TEX 68 o58 R917 J94 $184.95 at Sometimes referred to as “the father of Texas painting” 1882 – 1922 he studied under William Merritt Chase in New York and returned to San Antonio to paint. The Dallas Museum of Art has rooms of Onderdonk paintings. His studio is on the grounds of The Witte Museum in San Antonio.


A 2012 exhibition at Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist Univeristy in Dallas showcased Jerry Bywaters art and there was a 2009 exhibition of Bywaters work at Blantom Museum of Art in Austin a recent book is Jerry Bywaters, Interpreter of the Southwest (Joe and Betty Moore Texas Art Series) (ed. Sam DeShong Ratcliffe, Texas A&M Univeristy Press 2007) $30 at Tech Library Southwest Collection TEX 33 B998 R233 J56

















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