Arts History Update for late September 2012

16 Sep

Arts History Update for late September 2012 by David Cummins


Texas Tech’s University Library wants you to get reconnected and learn about all the services that exist at a Library that keeps evolving into a 21st century library. Library Services Fair is at 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Wednesday September 19 in the Croslin Room, the outer lobby of the Main Library . Exhibits and personal librarians will be on hand to introduce you to services you might not know are available. Tours will be provided including to the new Crossroads Recording Studio, the 3D Animation Lab, the Digital Media Studio, and to the areas where computers are available for visitors to use. If you want to see something you know about like the Institute for Pragmatism, or topographical maps, just ask.


Remember that Texas Tech is a state agency, i.e. a public agency paid for in large part by taxpayers, and you as a member of the public and a taxpayer, are a welcome visitor,owner,user of the library. It’s yours, so come on in and use it. If you are not already a registered user, you must go through a bit of paperwork and get an eRaider username and password since so much of the access to library materials is through the digital network. No need to do that on September 19 as it may be accomplished anytime.




Here’s a photo of a home on the shore of Mo-Jo Lake near Angleton Texas in Brazoria County It was completed in 1973 as a weekend home for Alvin and Marilyn Oshman Lubetkin. It was designed and built by the Ant Farm Collective and the photo is in the collection of Chip Lord, one of the collective architects. Doug Michels and Chip Lord, two young San Francisco architects, started the collective.


Many will recall that Jake Oshman built a sportings goods store chain. He had two daughters Marilyn and Judy. Jake died in 1964. A 1968 deed record shows that the owners of the land at Mo-Jo Lake were Marilyn Oshman and her sister Judy Oshman, and we think that hence the owners gave the name to the area as Mo-Jo. Alvin Lubetkin and his wife Marilyn Oshman Lubetkin commissioned the Ant Farm Collective to design and build this amazing structure. It won an award as House of the Century.


At last report it had fallen into ruins and tatters suffering from flooding, disuse and neglect for many years. Two more early photos apppear at one exterior and one interior.


An exhibition Ant Farm 1968 – 1978 by the University of Califonia Berkeley Art Museum in 2004, toured thereafter including at the Blaffer Art Museum of the University of Houston. The catalogue for the exhibition is Constance Lewallen & Steve Seid, Ant Farm 1968 – 1978 (Berkeley Art Museum 2004) at Texas Tech Library NK1412.A57 A4.


Most West Texans know that Cadillac Ranch (1974) commissioned by Stanley Marsh 3 was an Ant Farm project. Its attempt to display the quality of impermanence of automobile icons, seems rather permanent to us now off Interstate Highway 40 west of Amarillo. Ten Cadillac autos from model years between 1948 and 1964 were buried nose down astride U.S. Highway 66 demonstrating both progress and obsolescence. The rest as they say, is history.





A Conference on Mesoamerica will take place on the Texas Tech campus at the Human Sciences Building Friday October 26 from 1:30 p.m. to Saturday evening October 27 at 6:00 p.m. Here’s the schedule of speakers and events for this free event open to the public. Even if a junior faculty member may be expected to dutifully attend most or all presentations, that doesn’t apply to you, so you may come and go as you like. Registration is free and if you want to attend the receptions at the end of each day and eat the food, also free, you must register through the website or by telephone by October 12 and the form to do so is at





Just as if it were significant, College Football highlights include


Idaho lost to # 3 Louisana State University 63-14

Washington def Portland State University 52-13

Illinois def Charleston Southern 44-0

# 14 Texas def Ole Miss 66-31

# 24 Arizona def South Carolina State 56-0


Whoever schedules these games has his mind firmly on the bottom line somewhere near his anus, attracted there by dollar signs, and doesn’t give a flip about sport and competition. This is the last weekend of non-conference pre-season games for many teams.


I looked in on television for the Husky game. Its entire season is played in Century Link Field south of downtown at the junction of Interstate Highways 5 and 90, since Husky Stadium on campus is being renovated. Century Link Field is home to the Seatte Seahawks NFL team and the Seattle Sounders soccer team, as well as WaMu Theatre for indoor performance events.


Other teams got it on with conference foes, such as # 2 USC lost to # 21 Stanford 21 -14 in Palo Alto. This pleased me, never having been a fan of the University of Spoiled Children and rules violations. One day when the Texas Tech football team took Professor Dave along on the plane for a road trip, we flew into Los Angeles and went to the Coliseum where USC whipped Texas Tech. I didn’t enjoy the whipping and didn’t notice any angels in the city when the tour bus took me and the coaches wives sight-seeing.


Washington State with Mike Leach on the sideline defeated Nevada Las Vegas 35-27. Now he starts into PAC-12 play. Colorado continues to flounder losing to Sacramento State last week 30-28 and Fresno State 69-14 this week. Its season started with a loss to in-state rival Colorado State 22-17. The Buffaloes travel to Pullman Washington to play WSU on Sept 22. Mike Leach has a chance to go up 3-1 before taking on the class of the PAC-12.









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